Prayer For Revival Fire In The Church

Prayer For Revival Fire In The Church


Micah 4:2

Many nations will come and say,  “Come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord and to the house of the God of Jacob, That He may teach us about His ways And that we may walk in His paths.” For from Zion will go forth the law, Even the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

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What is Revival in the Church? 

When we speak of “revival” in the church, we don’t mean a few days of prayer meetings or crusade or any other well-organized church program where hundreds of people are invited. 

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The word “revival,” as used here, means a sudden increase in spiritual interests or tremendous renewal in the life of a church, congregation or society. When revival happens, it spreads from its nation of origin to other nations, till it becomes an international thing.   

A moment of revival is a period when the love of God increases tremendously in people’s hearts. Holiness and righteousness pervade everywhere.  Families and nations are transformed for good—revival not only transforms a church, it transforms lives, nations, and the world as a while. 

 A revival and its effect can last for 50 years. God usually raise spiritual armies for his revival. So, when revival happens in the church, it is beyond a pastor or members of the church. It’s a move of God that no man can stop. It’s a move that no man is powerful enough to handle or direct. When revival happens, it’s unstoppable. 

It’s only through powerful prayers that the fire of revival can fall on the church and spread. Every Christian who is concerned about some of the bad things happening in the church today must call on God fervently for the fire of revival. 

Today, many jobless people see job opportunities in the church. They turn themselves to pastors and prophets and milk the sheep of God dry. They organise crusade to make money and conduct healing and deliverance services through lies and manipulation. They go to satan and demons for spiritual powers. 

There are also people raised from the pit of hell who go around trying to tarnish the image of great men of God or spoil their ministry, by lying and accusing these men of God of sexual misconduct and fraud. 

All these negative developments show why every Christian must be worried and pray fervently for the fire of revival to sweep through the church, Nigeria, Africa, and the world in general.

Some Examples Of Great Revival In Africa 

Some notable great revivals in Africa are: The Ibibio Revival, which occurred within the Qua Iboe Church in eastern Nigeria in 1927; the Kaimosi revival, which occurred within the Friends Africa Mission/Quakers in western Kenya in 1927; the Balokole revival that swept through Anglican church from 1930 as mentioned earlier; and the Ngouedi revival, which occurred among the Swedish Orebro Mission in 194 7 and resulted in the Evangelical Church of Congo (EEC). 

In their 2007 book, African Christianity: An African Story, Graham Duncan and Ogbu U. Kalu gave a brief description of how young Nigerians caught the fire of revival shortly after the Civil War and spread the fire throughout the country. According to Graham and Ogbu, 

These young people graduated just when the National Youth Service Corps was made compulsory. As they dispersed through the nation, they formed charismatic groups; those who traveled abroad for foreign language courses in neighboring French-speaking countries took their spirituality with them. Those who attended the Fellowship of Christian Union of Students (FOCUS) took the message to Kenya. In northern Nigeria they not only formed branches in Ahmadu Bello University and Kaduna Polytechnic, but took over the Traveling Secretary posts in such organizations as Fellowship of Christian Students, New Life for All, and Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students. A central body, Christian Youth Corpers was constituted in 1973 to mobilize the dizzy evangelical enterprises. Some of the Southern youths, who had not gone through Universities but drank their charismatic spirituality in secondary schools, surged through the North founding ministries just at the time when many southerners were returning to the North after the Civil War. About ten ministries blossomed in Jos, Kaduna, Kano and Zaria between 1973 and 1976. Northern indigenes have since joined the affray. (pp. 304)


Why Christians Should Pray For Revival Fire In The Church

The reasons that Christians must pray for revival fire in the church is inexhaustible. But even at that, we shall take a look at some of the reasons. Christians should pray for revival fire in the church because: 

  1. It’s our duty to pray for the church. The Bible said the gate of hell shall not prevail against the church. We can support this statement through our prayers.
  2. If the fire of revival comes upon the church, we will be the first to enjoy the manifestation because the fire will begin by transforming our lives and then spreading throughout the nations. 
  3. We need to protect our fathers of faith from different agents of darkness sent to tarnish their image and ruin their ministry through scandal and lies. 
  4. We need to show the world that earth and the fullness thereof is of the Lord. We prove that effectively when we conquer every inch of a nation and the world for God and draw souls to Him
  5. We need to save souls. When the revival happens, millions of souls would be saved. If we are really concerned about saving souls, one of the ways to achieve the goal is through fervent prayer for revival fire in the church. 


Prayer Points For Revival Fire In The Church 

  1. O Lord, let your fire of revival fall upon the church right now, in the name of Jesus.
  2. In the name of Jesus, we destroy every work of the devil delaying the fire of revival. 
  3. You agents of darkness sent to destroy the church and fathers of faith, die by fire in the name of Jesus. 
  4. Lord, arrest the heart of men for your work in the name of Jesus. 
  5. Lord, we expose and  shame all fake prophets, pastors, and ministers misleading the sheep of Jesus.
  6. In the name of Jesus, we rebuke satanic and destructive teachings parading as the Word of God on the altar.
  7. You powers in the heavenlies ganging up to swallow the prayers of the church, we take authority over you today. We command you to become powerless in the name of Jesus. 
  8. We bind and burn every spirit causing Christians to be lukewarm and weak in the spirit. In the name of Jesus, I release the wisdom of God upon church ministers and leaders.
  9. I decree and declare that they understand the time and seasons and take advantage of it for the revival of fire. 
  10. In the name of Jesus, I pray that when the fire of revival comes, I will partake in the blessings and manifestations. 
  11. Every power from the pit of hell, tormenting the church with fornication, adultery and other forms of sexual immorality, I send you back to your pit in the name of Jesus.  
  12. Every agent of darkness sent to distract and disturb faithful Christians in their spiritual journey, die in the name of Jesus. 
  13. Church of God in Nigeria! (3x) receive the fire of God in the name of Jesus. 
  14. In the name of Jesus, Lord teach the church in Nigeria to know what to do to bring the fire of revival quickly. 
  15. In the name of Jesus, I subdue Nigeria for Jesus. 
  16. In the name of Jesus, I subdue Africa for Jesus. 
  17. In the name of Jesus, I conquer the whole world for the glory of Jesus. 
  18. Fire of the love of God, I command you to begin to burn in the hearts of all young Christians. 
  19. In the name of Jesus, I equip all young people that God is raising for the fire of revival, with the fire of boldness and authority. 
  20. In the name of Jesus, I scatter every demonic conference discussing how to frustrate the plan for the revival of fire in the church. 
  21. You spirit of heresy operating on our altars, die in the name of Jesus. 
  22. You spirit of greed and lust for money, robbing the church off powerful scriptural messages, die in the name of Jesus. 
  23. Witches and wizards pretending to be good church elders, I expose you today and shame you in the name of Jesus. 
  24. Witches and wizards in the church, tricking Christians from church to covens, I expose your secrets today in the name of Jesus. 
  25. Satanic assistant pastors and ministers planning to destroy young ministers and ministries that God wants to use for the fire of revival, I expose you today in the name of Jesus. I put all your plans and aspirations in bondage in the name of Jesus. 
  26. O you demonic spirits of spiritual deafness that cause Christians to disobey their pastors and go astray to the road of destruction, die today in the name of Jesus. 
  27. In the name of Jesus, I restore knowledge of how to open portals and realms that the church has lost. 
  28. O ye nations, hear the Word of the Lord your God, you shall experience the fire of the revival of God in the name of Jesus. 
  29. O Africa, the word of God, we prepare you in the realm of the spirit for the great revival. 
  30. O Nigeria, hear the word of God, we declare peace in you and prepare you for the great revival of God. 
  31. Thank you Lord for answered prayers in the name of Jesus. I am happy that the fire of revival will come up in the church soon. Glory to God.

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