Prayer Points Against Envy And Jealousy

Prayer Points Against Envy And Jealousy


Job 5:2: “Surely resentment destroys the fool, and jealousy kills the simple.”

Exodus 20:17: “Do not covet your neighbor’s house. Do not covet your neighbor’s wife, his male or female slave, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

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Jealousy and envy is as old as humans, but this doesn’t mean they are good things. They are part of our fallen nature. God made everyone unique and blessed them with grace and gifts. God will never understand why we envy or jealous another person because, as far as He is concerned He has blessed each of us and given us grace in unique ways. You may not have what the other person has, but God has given you too what the other person doesn’t have. 

What you lack in one area, you make up for in another area. You are ugly, but brilliant. Yet you jealous or envy someone who is very beautiful but has terribly low mental capacity.  You envy those who have a child in their marriage, but you those whom you envy wish they were as successful as you. 

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Every time you jealous or envy someone, it means you haven’t considered what makes you different and unique. You haven’t considered what makes you special and set you from other people. 

Those who envy and jealous you too are just ignorant. They don’t need to jealous or envy you because if they look within carefully, they will see so many things they have that you don’t have. Perhaps envy and jealousy will end in this world if God showed all of us the blueprint of how He created all of us uniquely and specially.

There is nothing wrong in desiring what other people have. But when you start hating and plotting evil against people because they have what you don’t have or because of what they have, then there is a dangerous problem. Some jealousy people will go any length to destroy the person they envy or are jealous of. This is why you must pray against envy and jealousy. 


Prayer Points Against Envy And Jealousy

  1. Father, I come against every spirit of bitterness and anger in Jesus name
  2. I bind every spirit of jealousy that’s attempting to consume my life in Jesus name
  3. Oh Lord, substitute every negativity and cruelty in my heart with your peace and love in Jesus name
  4. Father, give me a heart that rejoices when others are blessed in Jesus name
  5. Father, help me behave and live like a child of God that is born of the spirit in Jesus name
  6. Oh Lord, teach me how to be appreciative of others 
  7. Father, remove every wrong desires from my heart and replace them with those that align with your word
  8. Father, set me free from anxious thoughts that makes me jealous others 
  9. Father, give me the grace to control jealous emotions when they arise in Jesus name
  10. Oh Lord, purify my heart from every ungodly thoughts in the name of Jesus
  11. Father, help me walk in a way that’s pleasing to you from now on in Jesus name
  12. Father, help me to develop the attitude of contentment in Jesus name
  13. Help me oh Lord, to change my thoughts pattern from bad to good in Jesus name
  14. Any obstacles on my way as a result of jealousy, by your mercy Father, I remove them now in Jesus name
  15. Father, forgive me for all my jealousies and help me develop an attitude of gratitude for what I have, in Jesus name
  16. In Jesus name, I reject every plot of those who envy me and jealous me. 
  17. In the name of Jesus, I spoil the evil works of jealous friends, colleagues, and family members. 
  18. In the name of Jesus, I pray God deliver all those who are jealous and envy me from their jealousy and envy before they lose their souls to the devil. 
  19. O God my Father, expose and shame fake friends and family members who plan to ruin me because I have what they don’t have or because I am better than them. 
  20. God of Elijah, arise and trouble the strongman in my office who torments me and punishes me for no reason other than jealousy and envy. 
  21. In the name of Jesus, I recover everything I have lost through envy and jealousy. 
  22. You satanic spirit of envy and jealousy operating in my life, die right now in the name of Jesus. 
  23. In the name of Jesus, I destroy the evil works of jealous landlords/landlady and neighbors. 
  24. In the name of Jesus, I am blessed beyond curse. No one can harm me with envy and jealousy. 
  25. In the name of Jesus, I sever all the spiritual links between me and jealous friends.  
  26. O Lord, bless me massively beyond how you have blessed me previously, so that those who envy and jealous me will know that it’s all by your grace. And when they know it’s by your grace, they will focus on you and stop envying me.
  27. In the name of Jesus,  I take authority against all spirits of envy and jealousy working in people surrounding me. 
  28. In the name of Jesus, I insulate myself against all evil gathering of envy and jealousy. 
  29. I shall not be a victim of reproach to those who envy and jealous me. 
  30. In the name of Jesus, I refuse to be distracted by envy and jealousy.

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