Prayer Points For Moving Forward

Prayer Points For Moving Forward


Proverbs 4:25  

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.

Deuteronomy 1:6 

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“The Lord our God said to us in Horeb, ‘You have stayed long enough at this mountain.”


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Moving forward is a sign of progress. Moving forward in life means one is changing one’s social status from good to better and from better to best. Someone who is stagnant cannot be said to have moved forward or to be moving forward. Stagnancy and moving forward aren’t related in any way at all.

Moving forward means different things to different people, but everyone surely wants to move forward and every one surely has once moved forward at a point in their life. For some people, moving forward means getting a job that pays a high salary. For some, moving forward means being promoted at work— this is usually because they have remained in the same position or on the same official level for several years. Yet, for some, moving forward is travelling out of the country and starting a new life in Western countries. There are so many examples of moving forward that we can all relate to. 

It’s not necessary to make a long list of what moving forward could mean to different people. The point I am trying to pass across is that, anytime the word “moving forward” is used, it usually connotes progress, positivity, success, or breakthrough.  

Everyone wants to move forward in life, but the sad reality is that it’s not everyone that will move forward in life. Another thing is: no one moves forward just by wishing for it or by thinking about it. For you to move forward in life, you have to put in the work and efforts that are necessary. You have to apply enough actions. 

Some of the Actions Needed to Move Forward

  1. Upgrade yourself. 

If for you, promotion at work is an aspect of moving forward, you may need to upgrade yourself for the promotion to come. Get a degree if necessary. Go for professional trainings. Improve your work ethics and be disciplined. 

  1. Save and Invest more

If you want to move into their own home and be your own landlord, you may see the actualization of that dream, as moving forward. You have to save more and invest more so you can complete your home quickly and move in. 

  1. If traveling out of the country is your own definition of moving forward, then you have to put in all the work to make it work. Apply for your visa. Prepare yourself for your visa interview; learn everything you can learn about the process of immigration and relocating. 
  2. If gaining admission into a university is your definition of moving forward at the moment, you should study really hard to make sure the dream comes true. 
  3. Make yourself the right person. 

If getting married is your moving forward, then make yourself the right person to be married. Do everything you need to do to make you the right partner. 

Simply put, action matters. If you want to move forward in life, you have to put in efforts and work.  

But if moving forward isn’t possible after you put in all the efforts and did everything right, you may consider launching a serious spiritual warfare because your stagnancy may be the work of the enemy. Pray these warfare prayers to move forward

Prayer Points For Moving Forward

1.Oh Lord, I receive the power to move forward by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ

  1. Father, I overcome confusion and powerlessness and every attack of the enemy in Jesus name
  2. I reject the plans and agenda of the enemies against my life in Jesus name
  3. Oh Lord, help me to break out of every obstacle on my way to progress in Jesus name
  4. Oh Lord, make a way for me where there’s no way in Jesus name
  5. Father, let every impossibility of my life turn to possibility now in Jesus name
  6. I break the curse of failure working against my life in the name of Jesus

8.I begin to excel from now on in Jesus name

  1. Oh Lord, empower me with your authority over every demonic force in the name of Jesus
  2. I declare increment in my finances in the name of Jesus
  3. Where sins have hindered me from moving forward, Father have mercy on me in Jesus name
  4. Father, let your mercy appear and move me forward in Jesus name
  5. Father, any curse in my family causing repeated failure and delay, I break you now in the name of Jesus
  6. Any past mistakes and errors that brought delay into my life, father correct them now in Jesus name
  7. Every parental mistake affecting and fighting my destiny be reversed now in Jesus name
  8. I receive spiritual and physical growth and advancement in Jesus name
  9. I receive the power to move forward by fire in Jesus name
  10. Oh Lord, take me from where I am and put me where you want me to be in Jesus name
  11. I bind every spirit of fear and anxiety in the name of Jesus
  12. I break the backbone of delay and retrogression in my destiny in Jesus name
  13. I receive the anointing to excel above my contemporaries in Jesus name
  14. I bind every strongman assigned to hinder my progress in Jesus name
  15. Every evil machinery working to put my life on hold, I command destruction on you now in the name of Jesus
  16. Oh Lord, arise and lift me up in the name of Jesus
  17. Every power of affliction, oppression and demotion, targeted against my life,die in the name of Jesus
  18. I recover every good thing that I have lost in the name of Jesus
  19. I raise the altar of continuous prosperity upon my life in the name of Jesus
  20. Father, arise in all your power and might and destroy anything working against my favour in the name of Jesus
  21. Father, I withdraw my progress and benefits from the hands of the oppressors in Jesus name
  22. Father let all the adversaries of my breakthrough be put to shame in Jesus name
  23. Every negative pronouncements against my success be completely nullified in Jesus name
  24. Demonic chains preventing my advancement be broken now, in the name of Jesus
  25. I break every limitation in my life in Jesus name
  26. My God and My Creator, increase and bless the work of my hands in Jesus name
  27. O God my Father, turn every hopeless situations surrounding my life to good in Jesus name
  28. God of Elijah, from now on, make me to move forward progressively in Jesus name
  29. I Break every shackles of the enemy tying me to a spot now in the name of Jesus
  30. I receive accelerated growth now in Jesus name
  31. Oh Lord, move me forward by your power in Jesus name
  32. I move forward today in Jesus name

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