Prayers To Flourish In Foreign Countries.

Prayers To Flourish In Foreign Countries.

Prayers To Flourish In Foreign Countries.

Psalm 105:13- “When they went from one nation to another, From one kingdom to another people; He suffered no man to do them wrong: Yea, he reproved kings for their sakes; Saying, Touch not mine anointed, And do my prophets no harm.”

Are you planning to relocate abroad soon? Do you have a loved one abroad who is presently struggling to earn a living? Do you desire to prosper and grow in leaps and in bounds in that foreign country you are presently? Are you trusting God for mind-blowing miracles that will cause you to shed tears of joy in the foreign country you are relocating to? With faith in your heart, say these prayers to flourish in foreign countries and the Lord shall change the tides for you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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While many condemn the act of seeking greener pastures outside the place of one’s birth, many on the other hand, have relocated to foreign countries and have prospered greatly in their endeavors, not only did they prosper but their children also, have grown to reap the benefits of the foreign land, therefore, if you are planning to relocate abroad, you must know that you are not doing a bad thing, in fact it is God’s desire that we break forth and expand on every side, (Isaiah 54) Also, if you are trusting God to provide resources for you to relocate abroad, you must know that God has the best plans for you, importantly, you need to seek the face of God, regarding this desire or decision, you must inquire from him to know if it is His will and if it is the right time for you to take that decision, as soon as you get approval from God, you are so good to go (Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 3:5-6)

However, you need to also pray in advance or as you plan your travel, that the Lord will go before you to make the crooked places straight, (Isaiah 45:2-3) you need to also pray that all obstacles to your divine blessings over there will be taken out of the way, and that you shall remain standing in righteousness no matter the level of comfort you begin to enjoy over there. Lastly, you need the favor of God to excel in that land! (Psalm 119:7, Exodus 12:36-40).

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Just as the Lord granted Queen Esther favor before the king (Proverbs 21:1) and He granted the Israelites great favor before the Egyptians that in one night they spoiled them greatly (Exodus 12:36-40) you will also be praying that the favor of the Lord will go before you to make good and easy all that concerns you in Jesus mighty name

Are you ready to pray? Let’s proceed to the prayers to flourish in foreign countries 

 Prayers To Flourish In Foreign Countries.

  1. Father I bless you for you for your mercy and your grace upon me and my family
  2. Thank you for your love over our loved ones
  3. Thank you for who you are and all you have done for us
  4. Thank you for being our strength and our shield
  5. Thank you for making all grace available to us
  6. Thank you for your great love upon my family
  7. Thank you for with you nothing shall be impossible
  8. Thank you for all you have  placed around me to help me in times of need
  9. Thank you for wiping away my shame and reproach 
  10. Lord I thank you for this foreign land you have brought me by your power
  11. Lord I ask that you forgive me and show me your mercy in all ways I have sinned and fallen short of your glory
  12. Lord Jesus please forgive us for anger pride and arrogance
  13. Please help me to do your will always in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  14. Lord Jesus please sort me out early in this foreign land in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  15. Help me to see your hand at work in every area of my life
  16. Please grant me favor before all I come across in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  17. I shall not weep in this season  in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  18. I command all the thoughts of the enemy concerning me to be frustrated in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  19. I decree that I shall prosper greatly in this land in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  20. I decree all that is in this land shall work in my favor
  21. I shall not labor in vain in this land, this season in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  22. The wonders of God shall fully manifest in every areas of my life in Jesus mighty name
  23. I live above expectations In Jesus name
  24. I decree that the divine blessings shall follow me  always in Jesus mighty name
  25. I shall multiply and have dominion in Jesus mighty name of Jesus Christ
  26. I decree this land shall bring forth good things to me and my family
  27. I shall not work in error in Jesus mighty name
  28. I decree that all I lay my hand on shall prosper greatly in the name of Jesus
  29. Thank you Father for your purpose for me in this land
  30. Thank you for answering my prayers

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