Prayers To Protect My Children From Evil.

Prayers To Protect My Children From Evil.


Psalms 127 verse 3 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.”

Our children are our precious treasures. They are the perfect gifts that God has bestowed upon every parent. They are our offspring. Someone once said that, having children is like having your heart outside in human form and having that heart go out into the world. It can be downright scary. We want to protect them. We want to love them. We don’t want them to experience any evils surely. But as a parent, there is very limited power we have in this world. We don’t own the planet upon which our children walk, so there is very limited stuff we can do. But since we have our Father in Heaven who loves children and who also happens to own the planet, we should call on Him to come to our rescue. Right? 

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That is why in this article, we will be dishing out some serious prayers for parents on the behalf of their children. We will pray to God to protect our children from all forms of evil. No evil must befall these children. Just like the verse we quoted earlier in this article said, it said children are rewards from God. Would God let any evil come to any of His gifts? No. Our God is a merciful God. He will protect them. You just have to put this into prayers. God will protect all of your children from evil in the name of Jesus. Let’s try the following prayers:

Prayers To Protect My Children From Evil.

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  1. O Lord, from this day onward, I want you to start a 100% protection project on my children. Recruit the hosts of heaven to come down and protect my children completely from all sorts of evil which seem to be rampant in this world. Amen. 
  2. My God in heaven, please save your children from every form of evil. Wherever they step their legs into, let your grace and protection follow them divinely in the name of Jesus. 
  3. Lord, I asked for obedient and God fearing kids and you gave them to me. I ask the Lord that you protect these gifts that you have given to me. Don’t let the plans of the devil come to pass in their lives. The devil has plans to destroy every single thing that makes me happy. Lord, destroy every evil plan of the devil today in Jesus name. 
  4. I cover my kids in the blood of Jesus. No weapon fashioned against them shall prosper in Jesus name. They shall continue to grow from strength to strength in Jesus name. The devil shall cover his face in shame at the sight of the wonders that you are performing in my kids’ lives. Amen. 
  5. My children shall remain victorious above the schemes of Satan in Jesus name. They shall not know pain, accidents, crashes, or any form of evils that are common in this evil world in the name of Jesus.
  6. Every step that my children take shall be sanctified in the blood of Jesus. They shall forever know ease and protection in this life. Lord, send your angels of protection to take care of my children from this day forward in Jesus name. Amen.
  7. Lord, I ask that you protect my children from every sort of bad influence in their lives in Jesus name. Bad influence can come in any shape or form whether friends, teachers, classmates, colleagues etc., Anybody that will distance my children from God, please place them far away from my kids in Jesus name. My children shall not succumb to the influence of bad people in Jesus name. 
  8. Wherever my children could be located in the world, Lord please do everything to protect these kids. Protect them securely from the grasps of the devil in Jesus name. Have mercy on me and look upon my children with mercy. They shall not fall into the traps of the devil in Jesus name.
  9. Lord, give my children divine knowledge and understanding to be able to understand your Word and always follow your commandments. You said in the Bible, that You shall keep and guide your children that follow your commandments diligently. I want you to give my children the grace to follow Your word diligently. Amen.
  10. My children shall not fall into trouble of any form in Jesus name. Wherever they are right now, let the mercy, peace and abundance of the Lord continue to be with them. My children shall not be victims of poverty in Jesus name. Instead, they shall grow from strength to strength in Jesus name. They shall not lack anything good in this world. Amen.
  11. Lord God, I want you to protect my kids from all spirits of affliction and diseases that the devil might want to use to fight them. Protect my children from diseases, poverty and infirmities in Jesus name.
  12. Lord, Please bless my children abundantly. Protect them from the demon of poverty. Every arrow of poverty and financial depravity that the devil might want to use to fight my kids, please redirect the path of the arrows back to the sender in Jesus name. My children are protected from poverty and extreme brokenness in Jesus name. They shall have enough to take care of themselves and their respective families in the name of Jesus. 
  13. Lord, I want you to save my children from the hands of the wicked ones. The wicked ones do not want my children to reach greater heights. They want my kids to remain stagnant. This shall not be my children’s portion in the name of Jesus. My children shall not be victims of financial or spiritual stagnancy in the name of Jesus. In their career, they shall advance. In their spiritual lives, they will continue to grow in Jesus name. 


These 13 prayers are specially tailored towards directing God to protect our children, our little angels from every ploy and plans of the devil. Our children are gifts from God, and they need ultimate protection from all of the evils that this world contains. And God will never take His eyes of protection off our children in Jesus name. Amen. 

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