The Biblical Story Of Hezekiah And Lessons

The Biblical Story Of Hezekiah And Lessons

The Biblical Story Of Hezekiah And Lessons

KEY SCRIPTURE: 2 Kings 18:5-7

2 Kings 18:5 “He trusted in the LORD God of Israel; so that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor any that were before him.”

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Hezekiah was twenty-five years old when he started to reign in Judah. He was the son of King Ahaz who badly reigned in Judah during his time making the people to worship idols and forsaking the only true God. His mother’s name was Abijah, the daughter of Zachariah and he reigned for twenty-nine years in Jerusalem. King Hezekiah did what was right before God by breaking all the idolatry places erected by the people and upholding the ways of King David. During this time Isaiah and Micah were ministers in the kingdom following His example to live by faith first before all else. During this time Isaiah and Micah were ministers in the kingdom following His example to live by faith first before all else. He destroyed the brazen serpent that Moses had made because the people continued to burn incense to it. He courageously right the wrong and evil practices of his father. King Hezekiah put God first in all he did, and it was recorded that there was no king that trusted in God before King Hezekiah and after him in Judah. He held fast to the Lord. He did not depart from following him but kept the commandments that the Lord commanded Moses. It was recorded in the bible that God was with Him, and he prospered in all things.

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During his fourth year as King of Judah, King Hezekiah faced a crisis when the King of Assyria threatened to conquer the city of Jerusalem as they had conquered many other nations in their quest for world domination. In one instance, the general Rabshakeh taunted God openly by likening Him to powerless gods from defeated lands. After the threat, King Hezekiah was sad and went to the house of God to tell Prophet Isaiah, Prophet Isaiah encouraged him not to be afraid of the Assyrians that God will deliver them from their enemies that blasphemed against God. Prophet Isaiah assured the people to go back home that nothing will happen to Jerusalem. King Hezekiah then went to the house of God to make a beautiful prayer in front of those that are present so that they will know that there is only one true God. God indeed fought for King Hezekiah by sending the angel of death to the camp of the Assyrian and the next day, many dead bodies were recorded in the camp and the rest of them that were alive quickly broke the camps and ran for their lives. God worked for King Hezekiah in a mysterious way that He didn’t even go to battle, God got rid of those who opposed Him thereby declaring himself the only true God in Jerusalem before the people.

After a while, King Hezekiah was ill and it was prophesied by Prophet Isaiah that he was going to die but when King Hezekiah heard it, he prayed to God and God added fifteen years to his years on earth. King Hezekiah made a serious mistake, when he was ill, the king of Babylon sent him gifts and he foolishly showed the messengers all the treasures of Jerusalem and when Prophet Isaiah heard this, he rebuked him and prophesied about how all these treasures will be taken away from Jerusalem by the invaders along with King Hezekiah’s descendants. In the years after Hezekiah’s illness, he fathered a son, Manasseh, who would turn out to be the most wicked king ever to reign in Judah. There are many biblical lessons to learn from the story of King Hezekiah and in this article, we will make mention of the lessons from the biblical story of King Hezekiah.


Even though his father was a wicked king, he chose God and to abide with all the commandments of God. His choosing God made the people of Judah to renew their walk with God and shun all their sinful practices of idolatry. He pursued holiness and that caused him to be successful in all he did during his reign as king of Judah, his ways prospered because God gave him wisdom to rule and reign. As Christians, no matter where we found ourselves, we must choose God in all things. It is only God that can help us fulfill destiny and purpose in this life and we should shun all evil practice around us and make our life an avenue to draw people closer to God. Our lives as a believer must preach Jesus Christ anywhere, we are.


King Hezekiah loved, served and pleased God in all he did and when he was ill unto death, when he prayed to God, God answered him and even added fifteen years to his age. As believers, God desires that type of love from us, a genuine love to please Him and do His commandments always without holding back. We should always put forth this type of effort made by King Hezekiah to serve God and love Him with the whole of our hearts.


When King Hezekiah was faced with challenges, he went first to the house of God, which shows that in all he does, he trusts and hopes in God for solutions completely. Even though he was sad, he knows that there is a solution in God and when he was assured of God’s safety, he made sure he worshiped God in front of the people at the temple and God came through for him. We are expected as believers to hope in God completely as the problem solver in all situations. We should never allow any voice to mislead us but fully trust in God for safety. God will bring guidance on how to go about solving the situation.


Even though King Hezekiah walked with God, he never brought up his children in the ways of God. He left no godly legacy for children that was why it was recorded that when his son, Manasseh, started to rule, he never loved God and did what was evil in the sight of God. As Christians, we should endeavor to pass the love we have for God to our children. They are to be trained in the right way and emulate right behavior towards the things of God whether we are around or not. Our lifestyle must showcase the life pattern of Jesus Christ. We will only be able to forge a godly legacy with intentional biblical training and cannot leave it up to the fate of others. King Hezekiah’s relationship with God was not deeply rooted in his children and that was why Manasseh didn’t have a right heart with God. We should pray and personally ensure our children know the Lord by themselves with genuine repentance and salvation of their souls.

5. HE TURNED THE PEOPLE BACK TO GOD: 2 Chronicles 29:20-36; 30:1-27

King Hezekiah made the people of Judah who were deeply rooted in idolatry to return back to worshiping the true God. He prepared the temple of God, made the people observe the Passover feast and this made the people rededicate their lives back to God. We, as believers, should endeavor to make ourselves true ambassadors of God here on earth just like King Hezekiah. His lifestyle draws the people closer to God, our lifestyle must reflect Christ and draw people to God’s kingdom.


King Hezekiah modeled godly character and he enjoyed God when he was fully obedient to Him and His commandments. God was with him all the days of his life because he always put God first and humbled himself before God. If we want to be successful and be in prosperity in this world, the only solution is to stick to God as believers, endeavor to walk with him completely and work for him diligently.

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