The Biblical Story Of Mad Man Of Gadara

The Biblical Story Of Mad Man Of Gadara

The Biblical Story Of Mad Man Of Gadara

KEY SCRIPTURES: Luke 8:26-40; Mark 5:1-20

Mark 5:20 “And he departed and began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men did marvel.”

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The story of the madman at Gadara was a peculiar miracle done by Jesus and was mentioned in three books of the bible (Matthew, Mark and Luke). It was an odd and costly miracle in the sense that even though businesses of some were lost in the process, a means for evangelism in that land was established. It talks about how Jesus crossed to the opposite side of Galilee and came to a country called Gadara, when He came to the country, he met a madman who was possessed by demons. The madman was stark naked, strong, dangerous, scattered things used in binding him, couldn’t be restrained, out of control, insane and hurting himself. The villagers of that country had tried for him, but he kept on hurting himself and was living in the tomb. When the man saw Jesus, he came, worshiped Jesus and cried with a loud voice asking Jesus what should be done so that Jesus won’t torment him. Jesus realized demons were living inside of him and commanded them to come out of the Man. A conversation started in which Jesus asked for the name of the man, but the demons were the one answering Jesus that the name is Legion because we were many. The demons begged Jesus to send them into the swine of pigs feeding nearby. Jesus gave them permission to enter the pigs and immediately they entered the pigs, the pigs became violent and ran inside the sea thereby drowning.

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When the villagers of Gadara came to see what happened after they had been alerted of the drowning of the pigs. They found the madman to be hale with sound mind, clothed and sitting peacefully with Jesus but instead of them rejoicing over the miracle done in the land and get to know about Jesus, they were sad because of the loss of their business that drowned in the sea. They told Jesus to depart for their country and when Jesus wanted to leave the country, the madman that was healed by him wanted to follow him, but Jesus restrained him and told him instead to preach the great news to everyone. He became an effective traveling Evangelist, sharing his testimony throughout Decapolis, a conglomerate of ten cities. They are good lessons to gather from the biblical story of a madman in Gadara and in this article, few of the lessons will be mentioned.

  1. OUR WORLD IS CORRUPT: Romans 12:1-2

The life of the madman in Gadara is just a reflection of what our world has become in the present day called 21st Century. We struggled with the demons the man is facing. Many bad things are pushing us to make the wrong choices in life, living a life outside of Christ, wrong becomes right and right becomes obsolete. We gained knowledge and the knowledge is taking us far away from our creator. We tend to justify our bad actions and not be remorseful. As the man was uncontrollable, so our desire to be relevant becomes uncontrollable by the word of God. Our world is corrupt and as Christians, we need to jealousy guide our salvation if we are to fulfill destiny in this corrupt world. As Jesus was able to redeem the man, it shows that all hope is not lost, and no man can’t be redeemed by God. We should try our own best as believers to preach the word of God in season and out of season.

2. DEMONS ARE REAL: Ephesians 6:11

The story of the madman at Gadara shows that demons are real, and we can’t afford to be simple minded or lack knowledge of how things operate in this world. We should learn ways to keep demons away from our lives. We are expected as Christians to put on the whole armor of God which can shield us from any demonic attacks or influences. Allowing demons into one’s life can jeopardize one’s destiny just as the case of that mad man whose families and friends kept away from him. We can’t afford to live life with having a personal and intimate relationship with God in order not to fall prey to demons.

3. GOD VALUES LIFE: John 3:16

God values the life of a man more than animals. Jesus healed the man instead of saving the pigs from drowning. It shows that as humans, our lives are very precious to God and that was why He sent his only beloved son to come to the world to die for the sins of man. Jesus cares for the souls of men at Gadara but the people sent Jesus away because of their business. We shouldn’t allow things of this world to dominate our lives at the expense of neglecting Jesus’ salvation to mankind. Whatever is taking my time and mind away from God as Christians, should be taken away. Nothing is more important than eternal life in God’s kingdom at the end of everything. We shouldn’t gain the world and lose our soul instead as believers. Remember, Jesus loves man unconditionally.

4. SIN WILL ALWAYS HURT YOU: Proverbs 14:12; Isaiah 59:2

When we fall into sin, we should confess it immediately and pray with determination not to go back to it. Sin will always try to isolate and hurt you just as the madman from Gadara was isolated from the world and began to hurt himself. We shouldn’t be in any environment that accommodates sinful ways but wait for the guidance of God before you embark on a journey. We should always be watchful and prayerful. Don’t give room for uncleanliness and unrighteousness in your life, they give birth to invitations to demons, and we see what demons can do to a life in the story of the madman at Gadara.


The madman at Gadara has been bound several times and tried to be healed by his family and friends but nothing could restrain him, and he was left alone, hurting himself and crying every night but when Jesus came and saw him, Jesus proved to the people that he is the only savior of the world. No man-made gods can save humans from the wrath to come if we don’t come to the saving knowledge that Jesus is the only savior. It is only when we believe in him, we can truly be saved from all the wiles of the wicked and the antics of the devils. There is no barrier of uncleanness, iniquity, physical or moral filth, that Jesus is not willing to move through to redeem a child of God.


The madman after he was healed by Jesus wanted to follow Jesus, but Jesus told him to go and tell people what the Lord has done for him and this he did which brings more people to the kingdom of God through his testimony. As believers, we shouldn’t hide the miracles God did in our lives, but we should learn to share the testimony to others so that through that channel, more souls can be won into the kingdom of God. Dare to evangelize the good things God is doing for us as believers. 


The biblical story of the madman at Gadara reveals that in the eyes of Jesus, the rescue and restoration of a single individual is more important than any amount of wealth or physical assets. A human being is more important to God than any amount of wealth. Though pigs which represent human livelihood were lost in the process of the miracle but if the people had rejoiced and entertained the teachings of Jesus Christ instead of sending him away, He has power to restore to them that which were lost. The people never had that deep understanding that Jesus is a great restorer of life and properties too.

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