The Importance Of Surrendering To God

The Importance Of Surrendering To God

The Importance Of Surrendering To God

KEY SCRIPTURES: Matthew 16:24-25; Galatians 2:20; Proverbs 3:5-6

Galatians 2:20  “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.”

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Surrender is variously described as: abandoning self; accepting whatever comes your way; getting out of the way; giving up; laying down in someone’s arms; obedience; oneness; renunciation; resignation to divine within self; submission; yielding to the will of higher power; in exchange of blessings in this world and the next; etc. Surrendering to God talks about total dependence on God for all decisions pertaining to life and godliness. Surrendering to God is an act of faith, keeping hope alive, letting go of control and trusting in God. It means taking a humble position and embracing what is over how you would have it. Surrendering to God means doing away with all selfish desires of the flesh and giving all totality to God. The act of surrendering to God is very difficult but with His grace, it can be easy and achievable. To surrender to God, you have to be open which means that you have to let go of grains of stubborn and sinful heart, embrace Jesus Christ by faith, receive his eternal and loving grace which enables one to surrender in the first place. After the opening to surrender, one must follow the specific set down by Jesus Christ to his disciples which is denying yourself from all self-will and embracing his perfect will coupled with readiness to develop your relationship with God come what may. We must seek to follow God’s will no matter the cost. One must let go of relationships or things that hinders the growth of your relationship with God.

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Like Peter, when surrendering to God, we should be able to follow Jesus Christ because if we don’t, we leave the safety of his will for the uncertainty of our own which doesn’t lead anywhere good. Being a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ takes strength and wisdom which only he can provide for you since he is the source. Total surrender to God through faith in His son is the most important decision a person can make and in this article, the importance of surrendering to God will be discussed.


When you surrender to God, you develop a good fatherly relationship with God. He teaches you and directs you according to his will. He helps reveal things to you through the Holy Spirit in you. His plans and purpose of your existence is made manifest in your daily work with him. As you grow in Him, you become a source of blessings to yourself and people around you. You develop into a good ambassador of Christ that you were created to be and also, your lifestyle draws people to His gospel through His works manifesting in you. When you surrender to God, your faith in Him grows, you get to see God in a fresh way daily and peace floods your soul. 

  • GOOD HEARING FROM GOD: John 10:3-4

Another importance of surrendering to God is the fact that you hear him speak to you always. He speaks to direct your path and He will guarantee peaceful existence here on earth. Even when you are about to make a wrong decision due to pressures of life, he will speak to you to avoid the dangers that lie ahead. You will always hear when He corrects you. You will be led by the Holy Spirit at all times because you have surrendered all to God. There is always constant communication between you and God and also, the ability to hear clearly is developed too.


When you surrender to God, Satan and demons will fear attacking you because you are now working in power and authority given to you by God. No evil can come near you because you now bear the marks of the living God. You can not fall under the oppression of demonic activities because God is now working for you. Even when you fall ill, the faith in Jesus Christ will heal your body, mind and soul. All stolen blessings are returned back to you when you surrender to God.

  • ENLARGE YOUR VISION: Ephesians 3:14-19

Another importance of surrendering to God is that your vision is enlarged to see the things God has in store for you. You get to work in line to the vision of God for your life. No time is wasted doing irrelevant things because the Holy Spirit, the revealer of things is already in you. Your life gets shaped to the things and way that is meant to be, making you a source of blessings and inspiration to others. You will be more productive in all your doings.


When you surrender to God, there is hope of eternal blissful life of eternity with God in heaven. You move from being condemned to the saving grace in Christ available to all who have surrendered all to God. You will not only be successful where on earth but eternal life with God is also attainable when you surrender to God.  


Surrendering to God takes a lot of effort from our end. The secret is what you permit to be the focus of your attention and thoughts. Remember that your entire life is run by your thoughts which are either submitted to Satan and the things of this world or submitted to God and heavenly things. Surrendering means that Christ is the lord of our life and that we are willing to trust God completely. Your decision to who will be running your life will determine the course your life will take. Surrendering to God determines your success at pleasing God and the degree of God’s blessings.


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