The Lessons To Learn From The Story Of Adam And Eve

The Lessons To Learn From The Story Of Adam And Eve

The Lessons To Learn From The Story Of Adam And Eve

KEY SCRIPTURES: Genesis 1:27; Romans 5:12

Romans 5:12 “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.”

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After God created all the animals and plants, He wanted to extend the relationship He had with His angel here on earth. After reasoning together, a man came into the picture. Man was uniquely made from the dust of the ground and God breathed into his nostril and man became a living being on the sixth day of creation at the garden of Eden. God came to the name of the first man, Adam and after Adam finished naming the animals God created, God realized all the animals were in pairs, but Adam was not with one. God decided to create one for Adam by causing a deep sleep on Adam and from his side hip bone, a female was created. God brought the female to Adam and Adam called her Eve, making them the first man and woman God created here on earth.

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God blessed Adam and Eve and instructed them on what to do and what not to do. God does come down to fellowship with them, which was the main reason they were created, to do the will of God here on earth as it is in heaven. Adam and Eve didn’t have to work at the garden of Eden but to just dress the garden since all they needed were already provided inside the garden. On a faithful, there came a situation to test if they were obedient to God’s instruction. The devil disguised in the form of a serpent and came to Eve when Adam wasn’t with her and after much dialogue with her, the serpent convinced Eve to eat of the tree God asked them not to touch at all. Eve didn’t only touch the tree but also ate from the tree and gave her husband, Adam to eat as well. After they had eaten the fruits from the tree God had them not to touch, they realized they were naked and sewed leaves together to cover their nakedness.  In the cool of the day, God came as usual to have fellowship with them and discovered they were hiding from Him, when God called out to them, they told God they were nakedness and from there, God realized they had disobedient Him. God was angry with them and cursed all the people involved in the act of disobedience, Adam, Eve and the serpent. To savage the situation, God sent them out of the garden of Eden so that man won’t be privileged to eat the tree of life and live forever. God made coats of skins for them and clothed them afterwards. Through Adam and Eve, humans were established and began to multiply on the surface of the earth as God intended. Adam and Eve after being sent away from the garden of Eden never stopped relating with God because we learnt from their story that after they gave birth to children, their children brought their sacrifices to God which they might have gotten the practice from their parents. This article talks about the lessons to learn from the story of Adam and Eve.


God created animals and everything needed on earth, but He knew to form an earthly relationship like He had with the angels. God wanted to expand His family and that included man which was a great privilege not given to angles or animals. God was reproducing Himself through Adam and Eve which was why He didn’t kill them after they fell into sin but looked for a way out of the situation to redeem the lost connection God had with man. As humans, we are created for a purpose which is to fulfill divine mandate here on earth. We can’t afford to live carelessly here on earth. God wanted us to be included in His divine family here on earth, we should endeavor not to leave the fold so that we can achieve the greater purpose of our existence.


God didn’t create Adam and Eve like He created animals and others which He did by calling them forth, but He took His time to gather the dust from the ground, formed it to be a man like Him and breathe into His nostril. This He does to show us the essence of our lives and that we want a deeper relationship with us as human beings. God didn’t come down to fellowship with animals or plants that He created but to Adam and Eve. We should endeavor not to be far from God because we are created to have a deeper fellowship and walk in the guidance of God’s leading here on earth.


God saw that Adam was without a helper and created Eve for him, which shows that God knows the importance of godly relationship and fellowship. God valued relationships and extended that to man to practice too. God never wants us as His children to live in isolation but to build godly relationships with other believers so that we can help each other to grow in the faith.


When Satan disguised in form of a serpent to deceived Adam and Eve, he started by twisting the truth Eve knows, planned a seed of doubt in her heart, presented sin as something to be desired, capitalized on the vanity of man, making God a liar and persuading them that they can do without God in their lives. God wanted us to be familiar with Satan’s tactic and the best way is to understand how he works so we can be able to defeat him daily in our Christian journey on earth. If we know his evil devices, then we are better equipped to know how to overcome them. We should be careful of these tactics because Satan still makes use of them today to deceive people. He makes God look bad by perverting the truth and creating doubt in people’s mind about their faith in God. 


Adam and Eve had a perfect environment and perfect relationship with God when they obeyed all His instruction but hidden from God when they committed sin. Sin separates us from God and lifts the covering we have as believers with God. We should be careful not to break the edge of protection over us as Christians. We should avoid sins at all costs and live a life that will make God proud of us as His children. When we fall into sin, we should try as much as possible to find our way back to God asking for forgiveness and learn to be closer to God in our daily Christian life.


Adam after falling into sin began to blame Eve for what he did instead of acknowledging the fact that he had disobeyed God and asked for forgiveness. I believed this caused God to be angry with them and cursed them. We should always own up to our actions and not blame others for our shortcomings. Once we fall into transgression as believers, we should immediately be sober and ask God to forgive us. We should make sure we don’t repeat it again.


Adam and Eve trained their children in the way of the Lord which showed when the children brought their sacrifices to God. Though we were sent out of the garden of Eden, they still are in tune with fellowshipping with God and training their children to know God. As Christians, we should endeavor to introduce God to our children early so that we will not depart from the knowledge of God in serving Him all the days of their lives.


God’s instruction to man is always for our benefits which will prevent us from causing harm and dangers to ourselves. God knew why Adam and Eve were instructed not to touch the tree. No matter what happened, if they had imprinted the words of God into their heart, they wouldn’t have fallen into sin. We should endeavor to hide the words of God in our heart because they will guide us always from falling into sins. When we have a deeper relationship with God, we will fear to lose such sweet fellowship.


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