What Does It Mean To Be A Servant Of God

What Does It Mean To Be A Servant Of God

What Does It Mean To Be A Servant Of God

KEY SCRIPTURES: Philippians 2:6-7; John 12:26; 2 Timothy 2:15

2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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A Servant is someone that is called or chosen to serve. A servant is loyal and obedient to his master, even when it is not convenient. As a most striking picture of servanthood, Jesus humbled himself through obedience to God. He demonstrated this by performing the task of a slave to make us understand how far we are to go in serving one another. A Servant is expected to recognize the inward gifts and enthusiasm, investing them in the ministry of the church. No matter the inward gifts and talents of a servant, all things must be done to showcase God’s glory. A Servant of God is likening to a person who gives up other paid work to do the things of God on a full-time level. Servant of God is a term used for someone who set himself apart to minister the word of God to people. Someone that has dedicated his / her life to be faithful to God alone. Servant of God is someone who worshipped God and carried out his will. Most of the time, they are involved in leadership roles in God’s sanctuary. A Servant of God is always ready to obey all God’s commandments.

In this article, we will be sharing more light on what it means to be a servant of God. The concept meaning of a servant of God can refer to spiritual beings involved in the restoration of the people back to God, giving the people God’s spoken words of comfort and healing, establishing justice and righteousness, A Servant of God is more like a light to the Gentiles. Isaiah 49:6. A Servant of God is a person that prepares God’s people for the works of service to build the gospel around. A servant of God should not do the work of God alone just like Jesus who selected disciples to work with him after he started his ministry. A servant of God submits to Jesus Christ, the head of the church as he also did by submitting to God, the father.

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A Servant of God invests himself in the lives of his people so that the church community is challenged to grow to be more like Christ daily. A Servant of God doesn’t abuse the power given to him by God but promotes mutual respect and love for one another. In 1 Timothy 3:15; Paul admonished Timothy on how to conduct himself as a servant of God. As Christians, to be a servant of God, we should understand that our actions in everything we do represent and honour the teaching of God, our Maker. Those we are leading as servants of God and us the leader must strive to live in a way that glorifies our father in heaven. A servant of God must have developed the ability to hear God’s voice and develop a first-hand relationship experience with God. A Servant of God must have been filled with the Holy Spirit because it is the spirit that will help him in guiding his people into truth, lead them into mission and speak about things to come. A Servant of God helps to propagate the gospel to the unreached souls, making disciples of them, involving in equipping the congregation members to recognize and respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

A Servant of God must know that life doesn’t revolves around him alone, his pattern of thinking should reflect the purpose of serving God alone. He is a person that must give his time, resources, energy, money, expertise to glorify God. All a servant of God motives must be centered around Jesus Christ. A Servant of God is someone that allow God to have the final say in all things, he does all it takes to be at the right standing with God. His relationship with God is top-notch. A Servant of God trust, obey and take any risk by walking in faith for the sake of the gospel. A Servant of God doesn’t wait for the right time or place to serve God, you must start serving God where you are, the minute you start meeting the needs around you, you become a servant of God. Good servant of God serves God where they are. A Servant of God always have determination to serve, they are committed to following God by doing what He says always. 

A Servant of God is someone that has seriously studied the word of God and knows when to apply the word at any given situation because he is approved by God. A Servant of God is not moved by any false doctrines because he is strong and deeply rooted in God. A Servant of God is someone that continues to grow in knowledge of the word of God. A Servant of God is free to act within the bounds of God. A true Servant of God must be a faithful person and should always participate in spiritual disciplines that include praying, studying the Bible, attending church, singing, praising God, meditating, journaling, and enjoying God’s presence. A Servant of God is someone that is trustworthy and can be dependent on by God and man. Servanthood is an attitude exemplified by Jesus Christ. Serving others is the very essence of ministry. It takes grace of God to be able to function as a true servant of God.



In totality, a servant of God takes much more than being a leader, you must showcase much more of godly traits to emulate. It means fully recognizing God in prayers, being virtuous by humbling oneself and being lowly in mind, not being selfish but doing the perfect will of God. Lastly, using God’s power and strength to be victorious in all life’s struggle and using God’s goodness to reflect his compassion by caring for others.


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