What Does It Means To Pray Amiss

What Does It Means To Pray Amiss

What Does It Means To Pray Amiss

KEY SCRIPTURE: Matthew 6:9-13; James 4:3

James 4:3 “All of you ask, and receive not, because all of you ask amiss, that all of you may consume it upon your lusts.

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Prayer is giving our attention to God in a two-way spiritual relationship where we talk to God and listen to Him. It is a form of communication that takes place between God, the creator and mankind, His creation. Prayer is more like raising of the mind and heart to God or requesting good things from God. There are different methods of praying to God and if not careful, we might be rendering the wrong kind of method in praying to God. When one prays to God, one always expects that he will answer the prayers and desired results will be achieved but often, such is not the case. We need to know that God is not a magician and any prayer that is detrimental to our total well-being will not be answered by him. Remember, God answers prayer in three ways, which is a Yes, No or Wait. 

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To pray amiss has a lot of meanings to it but some will be mentioned in this article. Praying amiss can be described as praying without scriptural backing, praying without faith but fear in your heart, praying without thanking God first for all he has been doing and what he will do, or praying to satisfy your selfish and sinful desires. It is time to reposition your prayer life. One needs to pray for people more than pray for oneself. In the book of James, James identified the root problem of praying amiss, he talked about how the people didn’t asked God for what they wanted, they believed in God but didn’t trust Him to provide for them and they really didn’t trust that if He would say no, that would be the best for them. Our ends and aims are wrong in prayer when we ask blessings for the use and encouragement of our lusts. In this article, what it means to pray amiss will be highlighted and discussed. Let’s open our heart and mind to learn how to pray the right kind of prayers for a more desired and favorable response from God. 

  1. BEING UNGRATEFUL: When your prayers to God are always demanding, no time was ever created during your prayer session to praise and appreciate God for who he is to you and what he has done then, you are praying amiss. We need to revere God during our prayer sessions, don’t come to God in prayer with the list of complaints and grudges of things he hasn’t done for you, appreciate him first for the ones he has done and even for the ones he is yet to answer. Remember, God is faithful and does not slack in his promises to his children.
  2. SELFISH PRAYERS: The trust is that when you approach the throne of grace in prayers to God, he will readily answered them once it is in line with the will of God, but any prayers done to God to fulfil ungodly desires or to create strive in the congregation of God, such prayers will not be accepted by God which means you have prayed wrong set of prayers. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the right order of prayers acceptable by God for quick answering. As Christians, we should ask with the right motive, don’t ask with a corrupt motive, such prayers are done in amiss. Prayers rendered to God must be to fulfil God’s purpose for your existence here on earth. There is nothing wrong in praying for pleasures, but they must be healthy and not harmful ones. Don’t try to manipulate God to serve selfish desires, he won’t answer such prayers.
  3. NO SCRIPTURAL BACKING: Praying without scriptural backing which means praying with the word of God, such prayers are not right and might not get the desired results. When we approach God in prayer as Christians, think of what you are praying about, search for the scripture in line with the issues or situation or the reason for the prayer and use it to pray to God making sure it is in the boundary of the will of God.
  4. PRAYING IN FEAR AND DOUBT: When you pray in fear and doubt in the heart, you are already praying amiss. As Christians, we should have faith in God wholeheartedly that he will do it and if he didn’t do what we prayed for, we should have that assurance that he is preparing much better things for us as our father. 


God who loves us won’t allow Himself to be used to serve envy and ambition. He wants us to bring our requests and petitions to Him with a spirit of humility, right motive in boundary to His will and trust. God wants us to trust Him in allowing Him to give us the good he has for us as a gift in His perfect time. We should not pray according to the world standard which can cause conflicts and strive. As Christians, we shouldn’t do whatever it takes to get what we want in this life even if it hurts other people, but we should acknowledge that all our plans are dependent on God, and He can change them at any moment. 

God will never do what you want him to do if it will cause untold pain at the end. He knows the end from the beginning and His ways are far better than yours. Jeremiah 29:11. Don’t seek God for your sins and engage Divine blessing upon a vengeful and carnal enterprise. Prayers framed out of a carnal intention are usually successless, God will never undertake to satisfy fleshly desires and will own no other voice in prayers but that of His own Spirit. God would have us mind our own comfort but not only that because God’s glory is the pure spiritual aim. The end is a main circumstance in every action and the purest offspring of the soul.

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