What Does The Prayer Of Jabez Means?

What Does The Prayer Of Jabez Means?

What Does The Prayer Of Jabez Means?



The meaning of someone’s name and the story behind it are sometimes a fascinating topic to discuss. People are sometimes called what they are. Thus, a name can have an impact on someone’s life.

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A name can bring good or bad connotation to your personality. In the Middle Eastern culture, it is believed that your name plays a major role in what you will become in the future.

With this in mind, you might already have an idea of how it feels to have a negative name like Jabez.

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Jabez means pain or sorrow. But he did not let his name dictate the course of his life.
Jabez’ story is found somewhere in the Bible that is not read very often.

As most people will find this part of the Bible as “boring”. His story is even just two verses long. But it is important to pause and learn from the lessons that we acquire from this.

There is no doubt that Jabez started in life on the wrong foot. He was born with disadvantages that he himself does not have any control over.

However, all these did not stop Jabez from following God and His commandments.
As a matter of fact, he was considered to be more honourable than his brethren.


1. It Means Our True Value lies in God and not in what others say we are. Though Jabez’ name had a bad connotation to his personality. However, Jabez did not allow his name decide what he will become. He did not base his worth on what others said about him. In the book of 1st Chronicles 4:9, the Bible says ‘Jabez was more honourable than his brethren “.

It shows that though people have prematurely judged him to be a failure, he didn’t let that affect him. He made a provision to prove others wrong, including his mother.

For this reason, he became more honourable than his brothers. He brought more decency and integrity in his family than anyone else. As Christians, we need to learn that no matter what others tell you about what you can do or cannot do, we can always make a decision to do our best instead of simply letting them decide our future. Our true value does not lie in them but rather in God.

2. It means that prayer should be a habit to us as Christians.

Jabez recognized the importance of prayer in his life. He knew that if he wanted to be successful, he would need the help of God. He knew that he couldn’t do anything noteworthy if he will only rely on himself. On the contrary, most people find it hard to pray for a number of reasons.

While prayer is considered to be a powerful spiritual tool available to everyone, it is often not used. Jabez prayed a powerful prayer. He didn’t simply pray once, but prayer has been part of his everyday life. It was not a one time event in his life, but he prayed regularly. That’s why Jesus said “Give us this day our daily bread” and not “Give us this day our monthly or yearly bread “.

3. We Should Strive to Be a Blessing Rather than a Burden. Jabez asked God for blessings so that he can also bless others. Jabez prayed to God to enlarge his coast, not to enjoy it selfishly, but rather he can share it with others.

In the book of 1st Chronicles 2:55, you will find a land named after Jabez where many families of scribes resided. This shows that Jabez’s main intention of asking God’s blessings is for him to be better equipped in doing the work of God.

4. All Aspects of Life should be taken to God in prayer. Every detail of earthly life should be included in prayers to God. Even those things that we consider unimportant. Take all of life God-given hopes, aspirations, trials, joys and blessings.

5. Jabez’ prayer was a prayer for God’s guidance. This aspect of his prayer modifies the request for material blessings. Material prosperity without God is deadly. Those who pray for successes in business should also pray for reminders of one’s total dependence upon God.

God’s guidance is critical. How often have we trusted in our guidance only to meet with failure and find misdirection. One is blessed if she or he recognizes the need to lean upon God and not personal understanding.

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