10 Biblical Lessons To Learn From Gehazi’s Story

10 Biblical Lessons To Learn From Gehazi's Story

10 Biblical Lessons To Learn From Gehazi’s Story

BIBLE TEXT: 2 KINGS 4:12-31, 5:1-27


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Gehazi was the servant of the greatest Prophet in Israel, Elisha, as at that time. We first got to know about Gehazi in 2 Kings 4:12, when he was sent by Elisha to call the Shunammite woman who happens to be their hostess. He was also fluent in languages other than his own. We know about his interpretation skills when he interpreted the words of the Prophet to the woman. 

Elisha received double anointing of Elijah, and in essence, Gehazi was supposed to receive four times the anointing of his master, Elisha. Unfortunately for him, greed later deprived him of such a rare opportunity. He had seen Elisha perform many miracles, ranging from raising the dead son of the Shunammite woman, purifying the poisoned pot of pottage, to feeding a hundred, and lastly to healing Naaman the leper. However, in all of these, Gehazi still did not understand the sufficiency of God. He chose to help himself by running ahead of God’s plan for him.

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Despite his long stay with the renowned Prophet, and having gone through a series of tests from God through his master, he was still disappointed. Below are the various tests which he went through:

Gehazi’s Test of Compassion

 A couple of years after the Prophet had petitioned God for the woman, and she had a child, Gehazi was still with Elisha when the woman came to report the death of her child.

“So it was, the point at which the Prophet saw her far off, that he told his servant Gehazi, “Look, the Shunamite woman! If it’s not too much trouble, run now to meet her, and tell her, “Is it well with you? Is it well with your better half (husband)? Is it well with the young child?” (2 Kings 4:26) and she replied, “It is well.”

She was greatly despondent and attempted to grab Elisha’s feet, in petition. This woman had showered friendliness on them  previously. Elisha said God had not shown him what she needed. Gehazi basically attempted to drive her away! Elisha reprimands him for his cold-heartedness toward the need of this woman.


Gehazi’s Test of Faith and Competence

Gehazi then, at that point, took Elisha’s staff, and hurried to lay it upon the dead young child’s face. While he had the Staff of the Prophet, he lacked the anointing of the Prophet. (Vs.31). He had bombed the trial of Faith! The young child stayed dead. At the point when Elisha showed up, he made the mother leave the room, and he made Gehazi leave too. (Vs.34)

Elisha raised the child from the dead, however Gehazi was rejected. He interpreted the prophet’s words to the woman, however  no part in the supernatural occurrence.

He had Charisma without Anointing!


Gehazi’s Test of Faith in the Sufficiency of God

Gehazi next shows up in the tale of a starvation affecting the sons of the prophets who had earlier come to listen to Elisha’s teaching. Elisha instructed him to share the bread of the firstfruits of twenty grain portions and some wheat in the ear with the one hundred individuals present. Gehazi argued that they aren’t adequate. Grain portions in Israel were little bread buns, five were just sufficient for one young man’s lunch in the New Testament.

So before long Gehazi failed to remember the force of God; yet we see that there was sufficient, ‘as per the expression of the Lord’ through Elisha. (2 Kgs. 4:43-44).

“Individuals may see lack; but true Prophets of God see Sufficiency!”


Gehazi’s Test for Greed.

In the book of 2 Kings 5:20-27, we read about Naaman being healed of Leprosy, without charge by Elisha, and Gehazi choosing to deceptively collect gifts from the Syrian Captain. At the point when he got covertly once again to Elisha’s home with his goods, Elisha asked where he was coming from. Elisha was hoping for Gehazi, yearning for him to repent. He had failed and missed the mark multiple times, he presently has a last opportunity to apologize.

He lied and Elisha proclaimed that the Leprosy of Naaman would come on him and his relatives for eternity. Tragically, Gehazi was dismissed  from ministrying to Elisha.


Here was a man who needed to serve God, yet who needed uprightness.

He showed an absence of compassion within the sight of sadness.

He had the Prophet’s Staff however he needed Prophetic Faith.

At the point when put to take care of 100 individuals with a couple of little grain buns, he fights the chance of a marvel.

He shows covetousness, greed and lack of character, as he  concealed his activities.


Are there any lessons that we as Christians can learn from the story of this biblical character called Gehazi? Of course, there are a number of lessons we can learn from his story. For the purpose of this article, we will highlight the ten most prominent lessons to learn from the story.

  1. Greed: The most dominant trait of this man is greed. This trait made him forget that God is the only provider of man’s needs and a true rewarder of this that diligently serves Him. He wanted to reward himself by taking some gifts from the Syrian Commander, Naaman.
  2. Confess your sins: To err is human, and to forgive is divine. The principal thing that can stand a man out is the ability to acknowledge his sins, confess them, forsake them and ask for forgiveness. The Bible says “He who covers his sins shall not prosper, but whoso confesses and forsakes his sins shall obtain mercy.” Gehazi covered his son of greed with the sin of lying. Instead of accepting that he had sinned, and asking for forgiveness, he chose to cover his sin up. This was what earned him leprosy, even to his unborn generations.
  3. Trust in God for your needs: As a Christian, you must learn to put your whole life in God’s hands if you must serve Him. You must trust His sufficiency for everything at all times. Gehazi did not trust God for his supplies, rather, he went ahead of God to supply his needs by himself. This only earned him premature dismissal at his office of Personal Assistant to Israel’s greatest Prophet of his time.
  4. Mentorship is important in ministry work: Despite being under Prophet Elisha, Gehazi did not humbly and patiently take the mentorship of his master seriously. If he had patiently imitated his master, he would have learned a lot about the office of a prophet.
  5. Your acts can have generational impact: Whatever you do, whether good or bad, will have an effect on your generations unborn. Gehazi incurred leprosy, and not only him, but his unborn children also took part in the consequences of his actions.
  6. We can escape any temptation if we rely on God: We must trust God to provide a way of escape when we are being tempted to sin. This we can do by regularly studying the word of God, and praying.
  7. Engage the Holy Spirit in you: At salvation, each of us receives the Holy Spirit. We are to engage the Holy Spirit in us at all times. He will teach us what to do per time, and help our infirmities.
  8. Be loyal and obedient to your leaders: If Gehazi had been loyal and obedient to his master Elisha, he  would have been able to take his eyes off the gifts, just like Elisha did.
  9. Seek God first and His kingdom: When we seek God first in all we do, all things like material blessings, financial blessings, etc will begin to chase us. If Gehazi had sought the kingdom of God first, he would have been materially blessed, and heavenly blessed.
  10. We must be spiritually sensitive and full of integrity: Man may look at physical appearance and charisma, however, God looks on the heart. It is only God that can dissect the heart of man to know his integrity.


As God’s dear children, you should look inwards and search your lives, if there are any traits of Gehazi in you. If any is found, you prayerfully renounce them; so that you do not miss your multiple portions of anointing.


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