Biblical Stories Of Saul And The Lessons

Biblical Stories Of Saul And The Lessons

Biblical Stories Of Saul And The Lessons

INTRODUCTION: We want to look at some of Saul’s stories and the lessons to be learnt from these stories.


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Text: 1 Samuel Chapter 9-10

Saul was born to Kish a Benjamite in Israel. One day his father called him to go and look for their lost donkeys, he told him to go with the servant to go and look for the lost donkeys. They went from one country to the other but couldn’t find the lost donkeys, but they kept going and going, but at a point Saul told the servant that is about time for them to give up in search of the donkeys that they need to go back home so as not to get his father worried if they had gotten lost too, but the servant persuaded him to go see the man of God who can tell them where the donkeys are, so Saul listened to the servant and they went to see the man of God who happened to be Samuel. Samuel was a man ordained by God as a prophet but in those days, they called them “seer”, before the day Saul got to Samuel God had already told Samuel that a man was coming to see him the next day and he (Samuel) should anoint him (Saul) as the King of Israel. So, when Saul and the servant got to Samuel that day Samuel told Saul that God has chosen him to the the king of Israel, but Samuel was shocked and he gave Samuel reasons why he can’t be the King that he was a Benjamite and a young man, but Samuel told Saul God has chosen him and no going back. So Samuel anointed Saul the King of the Israel in the presence of the people, then Samuel was prophesying as soon as he poured the oil on Saul and Saul was filled with the spirit of God and he  prophesied too, but some people despised Saul that how can he be the one God has chosen and can he deliver them from the Philistines as Samuel as said? But God was with Saul and he held his peace.

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Lessons learnt from this story: 

God is a man of His words; He is the only one that says a thing and brings it to pass. This story reminds us that every plan of God concerning our lives will surely come to reality, even those dreams that we do not imagine can happen to us, God’s purpose and plan for our lives will always come to pass, He knows the end from the beginning. Isaiah 46 vs 10 says “I make known the end from the beginning, from the ancient times, what is still to come, I say, my purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please. 

Another lesson learnt from this story is that, grace speaks for one sometimes, it is possible not to know anything about what God wants to do in one’s life but as one obeys and proceeds into His plans one will learn and grow right in the vision. Just like Saul, he has never had it in mind to be a King nor trained as a King  but along the line grace found Him and the Spirit of God fell upon him, when the Spirit of God falls upon one, one can do the extraordinary that is what grace can do for one.



Text: 1 Samuel 13-17

Saul became the King of Israel, though he won many battles and gave victory to the Israelites but at a point he allowed the devil to start using him, he was clothed with pride, arrogance and jealousy, he became so rude to Samuel and everyone including God. He allowed himself to be drowned in power and pride sets in, worst of it all he never knew he was wrong, his failures progress when he was told to wait for Samuel before offering sacrifices to God and starting a fight with the Philistines. He didn’t listen however, God still allowed him to win the battles against the Philistines, and he taught he did this by his own power and strength. He went on in disobeying Samuel on God’s instruction that the soldiers should wipe away the Amalekites and not keep anything, but Saul kept back the fine oxen and sheep instead of destroying everything according to God’s instructions, and when Samuel confronted Saul he still went ahead to justify his disobedience by saying it was for them to offer it to God, that was when Samuel was very angry with Saul and told is it not better to listen to God’s voice than sacrificing. At this point Saul became sober and recognized he had sinned against God and his anointed, he went before God and asked for the forgiveness of his sins and he cried out to God in repentance. But after repenting from his sins, his acts of arrogance, pride and jealousy did not reduce; rather it was getting worse by the day not until one day Samuel went to tell him God had rejected him. Evil spirit came upon Saul from God and Saul became a shadow of himself. David was hired to play harp for him, because as soon as the harp was played by David the evil spirit left him, still Saul never liked David he planned to kill him because of jealousy. Years after years Saul became worse, he wasn’t hearing from God any longer, he was doing whatever he pleases and God left him, he later died in a battlefield like an ordinary man that ever lived.


Lesson learnt from this story:

The whole point of exploring Saul’s failure is not to judge him and condemn him but to learn from his mistakes and not repeat his mistakes. We sometimes have our own faults and shortcomings but as long as we don’t sleep on it, we will succeed, but when we don’t listen to correction and repent from our evil ways, that’s when destruction comes. God can appoint one, but one must always follow the instruction of God to be able to win every battle of life.

 Life is a battlefield, God did not ordain Saul as King so as to see him fail, God has already given us an opportunity to choose, He said there is life and there is death but He will advise us to choose life, how we live our lives is in our own hands, we must live a godly life so as not to be destroyed at the end. We must not be drunk with power, wealth, and all the good things of life after God has blessed us, we should be humble, prayerful, live a holy life, listen to corrections and put it into actions.

From our story we could see that Saul started well, even though he wasn’t a perfect man from the beginning just like anyone but he didn’t end well, I’m sure none of us will ever pray to end like Saul, but in other not to end like him, we must not repeat all the mistakes he did. He did not regard God nor his Prophet that even ordained him, we must not allow pride and jealousy enter our heart, we must guard our spirit, soul and body with the words of God. The bible says “Your words I have hidden in my heart that I may not sin against You.” Psalm 119:11. You cannot do the word of God and fail.


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