20 Importance Of Meditating On The Word Of God.

20 Importance Of Meditating On The Word Of God.

20 Importance Of Meditating On The Word Of God.


The word of God is usually referred to a divine message or to a collection of those messages. (Luke 11:28).
In a few places, “The word of God” is used as a personal title. Revelation 19:13, John 1:14.

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Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique such as mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object thought, or activity to train the attention and awareness. So applying this to the word of God… It is a way of paying attention to God’s word in order to soak it in the mind and profit withal. Many times in Psalms 119, the writer refers to meditating in God’s words (In Psalms 119:15, 119:23, 119:48, 119:97,119:99 and 119:148).


Meditation Of God’s Words Requires :

1. Quietness– To meditate, we must be alone.,

2. Time– we must exclude all sense of hurry,

3. Concentration– We must be able to give attention and

4. Receptivity– our prayer must be Psalms 119:18

25 Importance Of Meditating On The Word Of God.

  1.  Soundness and Thorough Conversion: Psalm 19:7…. this means that when the truth of God is applied to our life, it is so powerful that it turns our lives away from all that is displeasing to the Lord, and turns it to the Lord Himself
  2. We shall find our faith increasing until we become strong in faith: In Romans 10:17, it tells us that faith is imparted into us as we read and meditate on God’s words
  3. Meditating on God’s words lead to depth and stability: As David points out in psalms 1, the Christian who meditates day and night on the word of God shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. A Christian that meditate on God’s word day and night enjoys spiritual nourishment that can equip them to handle anything that comes their way.
  4. Meditation will always lead to character growth-to fruit: Meditation is not just a means of getting close to God-it does much more than that. The more you meditate on the word of God, the more it exposes the character flaws that you need to fix. As you fix your mind on the word of God, your heart is progressively transformed into a heart of joy, love, peace and self control (Galatians 5:22-23)
  5.  We shall find our faith increasing until we become strong in faith: How do we get faith? Romans 10:17 tells us that as we read and meditate on God’s word, faith is imparted to us and developed in us.
  6. Meditation leads to success. Meditating on the word of God leads to prosperity: David puts it this way, “whatever he does prospers”. Meditating on His word daily exposes you to kingdom principles of success and all you have left is to apply them and enjoy the results.
  7. Mediation leads to direction: Direction is superior to speed. Meditating on God’s word will reveal the direction you ought to take in life.
  8. Meditation brings about happiness: When you meditate on the word of God day and night, it deals with any tensions, disappointments, and reasons for sadness and you end up a happy person.
  9. Meditation helps you deal with sin: In Psalms 105:11, David said “Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee, blessed art thou, oh Lord, teach me thy statutes” David had discovered the secret of conquering sin-keeping God’s word in your heart. This helps the voice of your conscience to be louder than that other voice that always wants to nudge you to sin.
  10. Meditation helps us focus on the true God, to love and to enjoy Him in all His persons (1 John 4:8)—intellectually, spiritually, aesthetically.
  11. Meditation helps increase knowledge of sacred truth: It “takes the veil from the face of truth” (Prov. 4:2).
  12.  Meditation is the “nurse of wisdom,” for it promotes the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom (Prov. 1:8).
  13. Meditation enlarges our faith by helping us to trust the God of promises in all our spiritual troubles and the God of providence in all our outward troubles.
  14. Meditation augments one’s affections. Watson called meditation “the bellows of the affections.” He said, “Meditation hatcheth good affections, as the hen her young ones by sitting on them; we light affection at this fire of meditation” (Ps. 39:3).
  15.  Meditation fosters repentance and reformation of life (Ps. 119:59; Ez. 36:31).
  16.  Meditation helps us view worship as a discipline to be cultivated. It makes us prefer God’s house to our own.
  17. Meditation transfuses Scripture through the texture of the soul.
  18. Meditation is a great aid to prayer (Ps. 5:1). It tunes the instrument of prayer before prayer.
  19. Meditation helps us to hear and read the Word with real benefit. It makes the Word “full of life and energy to our souls.” William Bates wrote, “Hearing the word is like ingestion, and when we meditate upon the word that is digestion; and this digestion of the word by meditation produceth warm affections, zealous resolutions, and holy actions.”
  20. Meditation on the sacraments helps our “graces to be better and stronger.” It helps faith, hope, love, humility, and numerous spiritual comforts thrive in the soul.

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