30 Prayers For Job Promotion For My Husband

30 Prayers For Job Promotion For My Husband

30 Prayers For Job Protection For My Husband

“For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.” Psalm 75:6-7.

“And the man Jeroboam was a mighty man of valor: and Solomon seeing the young man that he was industrious, he made him ruler over all the charge of the house of Joseph.” 1kings 11:28.

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Promotion is defined as the state of being raised to a rank of higher position. This can occur either at the place of work or through appointment or other means. It is every believer’s redemptive heritage to move from one level to a higher level in all areas of life. The path of the just is as a shining light, it shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day. Prov 4:18.

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So as believers it is necessary for us to experience promotion at our places of work and other places we find ourselves because when we delight in God and his word, we prosper in whatsoever we do. Ps 1:3-4. So it is the heritage of all believers who walk in the way of the Lord to experience promotion at the place of work, in business, in appointments e.t.c.

When a believer is not experiencing any promotion in life either at his career or business, it is either he is not doing the right thing that brings promotion or he is being stagnated by the forces of darkness and hence the need for prayers to break the stronghold of the devil and release the promotion in his direction.

A believer must know that despite promotion being our redemptive heritage, it doesn’t come to us on a platter of gold until we engage some certain forces to enforce our promotion. We should know among other things that we must be diligent at our place of work to see promotion come when its due.

Working at a place without any form of diligence keeps us stagnated. We saw king Solomon promote jeroboam to become ruler in his house simply because he saw that jeroboam was very industrious. 1kgs 11:28. Being good at what we do is what sets the pace for our promotion in life.

Diligence is what takes a believer to unimaginable heights in life. We saw that in the life of David and that made him king over Israel. David’s promotion even in the army before being king came overnight just because he showed a high level of diligence and discipline at his job.

When a believer is diligent, disciplined and industrious at what he is doing and promotion isn’t coming, then he has to engage the force of prayer and fasting in faith to break the stronghold of stagnation from the pit of hell. The forces of darkness has a way of holding believers down, so they don’t receive their rights in redemption.

We saw stagnation in the life of Jabez and also in the life of Jacob when he was in his in-law Laban’s house. They both never saw promotion until the engaged God and had an encounter that turned their fortune around. That encounter promoted them that they became the darling of the entire community. Friends. Until we engage the force of prayer and fasting, most believers will never see promotion.

A wife who prays for her husbands promotion at work is doing her duty as a virtuous woman who wants to see her husband and home move to a higher level and because she knows that the faith of the wife saves the husband, she engages in prayer and fasting to see her husband receives his redemptive right in Christ Jesus. She has to engage in prayer on behalf of her husband to see promotion come his way.

I personally believe that the prayer of a virtuous wife has a lot of impact on the family, especially the husband, so it is wise for a wife to stand in the gap for the husband at all times, engaging in prayer to see that her husband’s promotion is not given to another.

I have compiled 30 prayer points for job promotion for your husband by the leading of the holy spirit to help this set of virtuous wives pray for their husband’s promotion and achieve results. And I believe that as you engage with this prayer points with faith in your heart, that long awaited promotion for your husband will see the light of day, in Jesus name.

30 Prayers For Job Protection For My Husband

1. Father, I come humbly before the throne of grace, knowing fully well that nobody can receive anything except it is ordained by God.

2. Father, my husband has passed through delay (stayed at this level or cadre) long enough, use your mighty hand of promotion to move him to the next level, in Jesus name.

3. Father, Let your countenance of favor smile on my husband and favor his righteous aspiration to move forward, in Jesus name.

4. Father, Touch the heart of all authorities above my husband at his office to favor his righteous cause and support his aspiration for promotion, in Jesus name.

5. Father, Prepare my husband Lord for the challenges and responsibilities associated with the higher office you have ordained for him, in Jesus name.

6. Father, Equip my husband with spiritual, moral and intellectual virtues required to rise and excel in a higher office of responsibility, in Jesus name.

7. Father, endow my husband with the required mental / professional skill to demonstrate competence before authorities put in place to access and recommend his promotion, in Jesus name.

8. Father, In accordance with your word, my husband received a tongue of accuracy of speech that cannot be controverted as he faces the interview panel in charge of his promotion, in Jesus name.

9. Father, both the good countenance of God and the favorable disposition of higher authorities will agree to support my husband’s aspiration for elevation, in Jesus name.

10. Father, from this moment on, all my husband’s sacrificial commitment to his career and his employers and leaders will be adequately rewarded, in Jesus name.

11. Father, this year my husband’s faithful commitment to his career and vocation will spring forth a pleasant surprise of unprecedented promotion, in Jesus name.

12. Father, my husband will be remembered and honor like Mordecai, he will be elevated from the low status of a servant to that of a leader, in Jesus name.

13. Father, my husband’s enemies will not enjoy the authority or audience required to demote or abort his career, in Jesus name.

14. Father, those who gather to frustrate my husband’s recommendation for elevation will beg to be part of his celebration of promotion, in Jesus name.

15. Father, i command all oppositions against my husband’s promotion to loose their position of influence, in Jesus name.

16. Father, those laughing at my husband today will soon laugh with him and regret their folly of looking down on him, in Jesus name.

17. Father, those who underrate my husband and ridicule him because of his giant aspiration will lobby to celebrate with him at last, in Jesus name.

18. Father, my husband refuse to submit his courage to past frustration. Whatever attempt he makes towards promotion this year will receive the endorsement of God and all relevant earthly authorities, in Jesus name.

19. Father, expansion and connections that call for promotion of staff will visit my husband’s organization this year, in Jesus name.

20. Father, my husband receives the meek mind of Christ to handle higher office with humility, in Jesus name.

21. Father, I pledge my husband’s loyalty and faithfulness to God, he will not receive elevation and turn back on God who has elevated him, in Jesus name.

22. Father, I declare that my husband’s promotion starts this month, in Jesus name.

23. Father, promotion cometh from you, I declare my husband instant change of status, in Jesus name.

24. Father, open several doors of opportunities leading to my husband’s promotion, in Jesus name.

25. Father, do not withdraw your eyes from my husband, give him a better place, in my work in Jesus name.

26. Father, by your mercy, I declare that my husband’s file of promotion be revisited and that his promotion be effected, in Jesus name

27. Father, make my husband’s life an example of supernatural promotion, in Jesus name.

28. Father, my husband seeks promotion from you today because it is only you that promotes. Strategically position circumstances to his advantage in his place of work, in the mighty name of Jesus.

29. Father, as my husband serves you by faith, honour him at his place of work, in Jesus name.

30. Father, let your goodness and mercy be with my husband at his place of work and let it result in his promotion, in Jesus name.

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