35 Prayer Against Adultery In Marriage.

35 Prayer Against Adultery In Marriage.


Jeremiah 13:27

I have seen thine adulteries, and thy neighings, the lewdness of thy whoredom, and thine abominations on the hills in the fields. Woe unto thee, O Jerusalem! wilt thou not be made clean? when shall it once be?

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Our anchor scriptures read above gives us a pointer to our topic today, prayer against adultery in marriage. One of the biggest problems in marriages nowadays is adultery, Adultery or infidelity as wrecked so many marriages, it has led to so many divorce between couples. Adultery is not peculiar to a certain kind of marriage; it happens among both the newly married couple and old marriage couple who have been in union for a certain number of years.

You need to understand that Adultery is a sin against God and God says we should flee from sin with that understanding we all need to flee from adultery 2 Corinthians 6:17. When you understand the principle of God concerning marriage that it is a sexual relationship between one man and one woman and not one man and multiple women or the other way round then you begin to understand the scope of adultery and why it is a sin before God. 

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What Then Is Adultery?

Adultery is when a partner either the man or the woman is engaged or having sexual relations with someone else other than their married partner. This act as lead to divorce, hatred, unforgiveness among married couple, Adultery in marriage is detestable in the sight of God and God frowns at it, even the teaching of Jesus Christ teaches us to flee and refrain from adultery Luke 18:18-21

Let’s Look At Some Of The Causes Of Adultery In Marriage:

  1. Unhealthy relationship between couples are one of the common causes of adultery in marriage, when the motives of getting married between couple is not based on the principle of God and love between the couple then they will suffer adultery, if the purpose of their union is maybe for the purpose of bearing children or financial status then their marriage is heading for crash and adultery cannot be avoided.
  2. When a partner feels unwanted by their other partner this will definitely lead to adultery in their marriage because it will make the unwanted partner seek love outside their marital union.
  3. Disrespect between partners when there is lack of respect and appreciation between partners this can also lead to adultery in marriages and also lead to discord between couples.
  4. When love does not exist again between couples this can also lead to adultery in marriages.
  5. Addiction to pornography, this is another cause to adultery in marriage, this is one of the disadvantages of the internet creating ungodly images in the mind of married couples making them to want to experiment what they have seen, thereby leading to wrecking their marriages.
  6. Avoid keeping secret from your spouse

How To Overcome Adultery In Marriage:

  1. You will need to seek for forgiveness from God and from your partner, you must show genuine forgiveness Psalm 51:1-5
  2. Ask for mercy from God in prayer 2 Samuel 11:2-4
  3. Avoid anything that can lead you to committing adultery in your marriage like pornography, flirting, sexual fantasies.
  4. Pray against the spirit of adultery and God will make you overcome it.
  5. Guard your heart jealously against anything that can corrupt it, choose wisely.


35 Prayer Against Adultery In Marriage.

1). Father, I thank you for giving me a very handsome husband and beautiful wife, in Jesus name.

2). Father, I ask for your overflowing mercy upon my marriage ,in Jesus name.

3). I cover my husband and wife with the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name

4). I put asunder between my husband and any strange woman in Jesus name

5). I release the angel of the lord to pursue and attack any strange woman defiling my marital bed in Jesus name.

6). I reject the spirit of divorce in my marriage in Jesus name.

7). Father, make my husband love me again in Jesus name.

8). Father, I ask for divine wisdom to handle the affairs of my marriage in Jesus name

9). Father, any woman that would not allow my husband rest, may they never see rest in Jesus name.

10). Any woman that is making my husband abandon his home, comes under the judgement of God right now in Jesus name.

11.Let confusion be the lot of every strange woman militating against my marriage.

12.Let irreparable division be between my husband/wife and that strange woman/man in the name of Jesus.

13.Angel of God, go right away and disconnect the relationship between my husband/wife and the strange woman/man, in Jesus’ name.

14.Every strange woman/man militating against my marriage, receives the judgement of God, in the name of Jesus.

15.I nullify every evil judgement that is against me in my marriage, in the name of Jesus.

16.Let all the hindrances to the manifestation of my restoration to my rightful home depart from me and my marriage, in Jesus’ name.

17.Lion of Judah, consume every fake lion of the strange woman roaring against my marriage, in the name of Jesus.

18.Thunder and fire of God, begin to scatter to pieces, every stronghold of the strange woman/man in the heart of my husband/wife, in Jesus’ name.

19.You demons energising the relationship between my husband/wife and any strange woman/man, be rendered impotent and be roasted by the fire of God, in the name of Jesus.

20.Angels of the living God, brush off the love of the strange woman completely

21). Father, deliver my husband from adultery in Jesus name.

22). Father, deliver my husband from formication in Jesus name

23). Father, deliver my husband from the spirit of  sexual perversion, in Jesus name.

24). Father, deliver my husband from pornography, in Jesus name

25). Father, bring back love into my family in Jesus name.

26). Arrest my husband and set him free forever, in Jesus name

27). Father, protect my husband from sexually transmitted diseases in Jesus name.

28). I command the activities of wasters to end in the life of my husband, in Jesus name.

29). Father, fill my husband’s heart with your love, in Jesus name.

30). O God, arise and deliver me from all kinds of immorality, in the name of Jesus.

31). Father by the blood of Jesus destroy every evil altar set for my family, in Jesus name.

32). Father I release my marriage from the hold of every evil agenda, in Jesus name

33). Father restore my marriage back in Jesus name

34). Father every power assigned to destroy my marriage die by fire, in Jesus name

35). Thank you Jesus for answers to my prayers. 

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