40 Prayer Points For Divine Connection

40 Prayer Points For Divine Connection

40 Prayer Points For Divine Connection

Numbers 6:24 The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Have you been trusting God for divine connection in your business and career? Here are 40 prayer points for divine connection you shouldn’t miss, this prayer is for you if you have been on one spot in business, if you have been struggling hard to get promoted in your career yet it has not been coming through despite all your efforts, hard work, honesty and strategy. 

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Divine connection is important to make headway in life whether you are in business or career, you need to be connected to people who will show you how to rise to the top, how to meet with the nobles of the earth and to win their favor. 

You may be a man of God heavily anointed but without God connecting you to people that matter in the kingdom, you may never get invited to preach in churches or events, you may be a skillful person, but if you are not divinely connected to the people who need your skills, you may end up frustrated, you may also be an hardworking businessman but without God divinely connecting you to the target market or audience for your goods, you may end up in debt, so divine connection is quite important to everyone in life.

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As a young virgin in Shushan brought up by her uncle Mordechai and contesting in the pageantry for the next king of Shushan, if Esther had not been divinely connected to the Eunuch in the palace who counseled rightly in the best way to appear before the king, her chances of been the next queen may have been jeopardized (Esther 2:15).

Also, even though Ruth followed Naomi to her place and decided to be with her mother in law, if there was no divine connection with Boaz which was birthed through heeding to the counsel of Naomi, Ruth may have missed the opportunity of being remarried (Ruth 3).

So, divine connection is not only necessary for the immediate survival of your business, career and ministry, rather it is needed for the long term scope of your life, imagine been divinely connected to a destiny helper who leads you to the secret of an ever increasing source of wealth, global recognition, and higher realm in Christ?

Of a truth, divine connection is needed by everyone who wants to succeed in business, career, ministry, and in all spheres of life.

As you pray these 40 prayers for divine connection, may the Lord open doors of divine connection to you, may the people that matter to your destiny divinely locate you and may you be joyful all your days in Jesus name.

40 Prayer Points For Divine Connection

  1. Oh Lord I thank you for your mercy upon my life and family, blessed be your name in Jesus name
  2. Father please forgive me of all my sins and iniquities and let your mercy speak for me in Jesus name
  3. In the name of Jesus, I command all human agents of Satan who have been deployed to obstruct my assistance and profitability this week to be annihilated. 
  4. I’m sick and tired of being a champion in my community; Father please make me global this week.
  5. I declare that in the name of Jesus Christ, I will have a significant breakthrough from the Lord God Almighty today.
  6. In the name of Jesus, I pray to the Father, who provided Joseph with the contacts that led him to the palace and who provided Daniel with the contacts that led him to a prominent position in Babylon, that I, too, may have the contacts necessary for my elevation in this year.
  7. In the name of Jesus Christ, I issue a command to every authority that is encamped against my connections and my breakthrough, and I command them to become powerless and to be scattered.
  8. In the name of Jesus, eternal father, please introduce me to the person or thing that will be responsible for my breakthrough this year.
  9. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command any authority that may be concealing my key to divine connection to be brought low and to remain there forever.
  10. I search out whatever powers are responsible for the theft of all my lifetime benefits. I command them to give them back in the name of Jesus.
  11. In the name of Jesus, I ask that the glory of the Lord  come upon my life and let it draw help to me from all directions of the universe.
  12. O God, if there is any alien hand that is blocking  my divine connection with the intention of attacking me and stealing my assets, please arise and disperse their intentions in the name of Jesus.
  13. Lift your heads now, all you ancient gates and everlasting doors that have been locked in opposition to my connection in life, so that I may enter into my divinely bestowed connections and possess my possessions in the magnificent name of Jesus.
  14. As I turn the key in the lock of my front door, I decree that there will be a miraculous change in my life that will serve as a testament to others in the Name of Jesus.
  15. In the name of Jesus, I pray that the divine plan would allow me to establish the connection that will elevate my standing and transform me into a magnificent person.
  16. Due to the fact that Jesus did not make mistakes, I will succeed and thrive in life.
  17. In the name of Jesus, please, LORD, make it so that I am in the right location at the right moment in Jesus name.
  18. In the name of Jesus, I pray to the Father that I may receive heavenly assistance and connections that will positively affect the course of my life.
  19. Please, Father, put me in contact with the influential members of society so that I can build my network.
  20. In the name of Jesus, issue a command for every wicked stronghold and power that is sheltering your links to be violently overthrown.
  21. In the name of Jesus, just as an unidentified and anonymous campaign manager worked on David’s behalf to gain an appointment in Saul’s palace without David having to submit an application, so shall it be with me.
  22. In the name of Jesus Christ, I refuse to cooperate with the enemy by using either my mouth or my hands to help him permanently shut the doors to my laughter.
  23. Oh, you doors of favor, wealth, increase, elevation, success, and greatness, among other things, start to burst open for me in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  24. In the name of Jesus, I pray that any doors of breakthrough that I have been hammering on throughout the years may be opened by fire tonight.
  25. I pray to you, Father, that none of those whom you have sent to assist me will ever be at ease until they have come to my aid in the name of Jesus.
  26. In the name of Jesus, I pray that you, LORD, will open the book of divine remembrance and mercy onto me as I go through the difficulties of life.
  27. This week, I will be showered with such abundant favor that I will be awarded positions, monetary rewards, and contractual commitments that I have neither earned nor sought out.
  28. In the Name of Jesus, I receive the key to open all the locked doors that are connected to my job and my marital connections through the flames of the Holy Spirit.
  29. In the name of Jesus Christ, all-powerful God, please spiritually unite my family and me.
  30. This week, I ask that you bestow upon me the power to make more progress and more money in soul winning.
  31. Henceforth! My life, careers, ministry, and family will be flooded by Helpers of Destiny, and I will be filled with delight for the rest of my life.
  32. In the name of Jesus, I command that every padlock that is on any of my doors of possibility be broken by fire.
  33. In the upcoming week! Help is going to find me no matter where I go. I will not be harassed or deprived in any way; rather, I will sing brand-new songs in each and every location.
  34. Wherever you may have placed my aides, Lord! Agitate them until they locate me so that they can assist me this week.
  35. O LORD, please make known to me the things that are preventing me from entering the doors that you have opened for me in the name of Jesus.
  36. Help me Lord to overcome every weakness that is hindering me from entering my season of divine connection in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  37. I frustrate every plan of the devil to stop my destiny helpers from locating me in Jesus name
  38. I decree that I shall no longer be stagnant in life and destiny in Jesus name
  39. In my season of divine connection, no evil shall befall me and my family in Jesus name
  40. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers 

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