5 Characteristics Of Esther In The Bible

5 Characteristics Of Esther In The Bible

5 Characteristics Of Esther In The Bible

KEY SCRIPTURES: Esther Chapter 1-10, Psalms 21:11; Psalms 33:10

Psalms 33:10 “The LORD brings the counsel of the heathen to nothing: he makes the devices of the people of no effect.”

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Esther’s story came into the picture in the scriptures in the Book of Esther when Queen Vashti the wife of King Ahasuerus refused to present herself to the King after she was summoned by the King during the feast which the King held with the princes and his servants at the palace of Shushan. Vashti’s behavior angered the King and after much counsel, it was concluded that Queen Vashti should be replaced. A royal decree was made throughout the empire that all wives should honour their husbands. After a while, fair young virgins were sought out and gathered in the palace at Shushan and Hege, the king chamberlain in which Esther was among. Esther, also known as Hadassah was an orphan who was raised by her uncle Mordecai in the strange land of Babylon after the Jews were carried from Jerusalem into captivity.

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Esther was a fair and beautiful maid and when the decree was made, her uncle told her to join the young virgins after instructing her not to reveal her family or kindred. She was placed under Hegai, the keeper of women, who was pleased with her and showed her kindness; the things needed for her purifications were given to her quickly. During this process, Mordecai always walked before the court of the women’s house to see how Esther was faring. After the purification was done for twelve months which was six months with oil and myrrh and the remaining six months for sweet odors, the maidens were brought before King Ahasuerus, whatsoever they desired will be given to them by the King and will later be transferred to be in custody of Shaashgaz, only will be allowed to see the King if he delighted in her. When it was Esther’s turn to see the king, she required nothing from the king except what Hegai, the king’s chamberlain, requested her to do. She found favor in the sight of all who looked upon her and it was recorded after King Ahasuerus loved her above all the other women present and set the royal crown on her. Esther became Queen in a strange land. 

When Haman, one of the princes in the land rose up against the Jews because Esther’s uncle, Mordecai didn’t reverence him when the King promoted, Esther initially didn’t know what to do but after her uncle charged her, she requested her uncle and the people to fast with her and in joint agreement, they prayed to God and God gave her wisdom to go about the issues. At the end of the day, they were able to overcome their enemy and her acts changed things for the Jews in all the provinces owned by King Ahasuerus. Esther displayed some qualities and characteristics which we can learn from and this article will make mention of 5 characteristics of Esther in the Bible.


Esther was humble and submissive to her uncle. Despite being an orphan and a maid in a strange land, she never acted carelessly. Her situation permitted her to be wayward, but she submitted herself to be guided by her uncle. She was fair and beautiful which could have made her proud, but such behavior wasn’t found in her. She could have given herself to men for money to sustain herself, but she kept herself pure and that opened the door for her to be among the virgins gathered at the palace in Shushan. Esther demonstrated submission to Mordecai, and he then operates in the kind of leadership that models Jesus. Esther’s submission made God’s plan for her life to be fulfilled. As believers, we should learn to be humble in all things and learn to submit to the right authority placed over us to fulfil God’s purpose and plans for our existence.


Despite being an orphan and in an unknown territory, Esther abided in the teaching of her uncle. Mordecai taught her the ways of God and she followed his teaching diligently. Even when she was faced with the challenge of approaching the king when she hadn’t been summoned, she asked the people to pray for her and also said she and her people at the palace would observe fasting and prayers too. This shows that she loves and knows God, and also teaches the people working with her at the palace about God. She seeks God at all times and no wonder, she obtained favor anywhere she is and she was able to exploit even in a foreign country. As Christians, we should know and love the God we are serving, Everyone around us must be able to testify that we are true disciples of God. Our lives and ways must draw people to God. We just also endeavor to teach people around us about the gospel of Christ.


With all the teachings of her uncle Mordecai, Esther was able to grow in wisdom. She displays wisdom right from the beginning when she was taken to the palace with other maidens after the royal decree to when she approached King Ahasuerus. She showed great wisdom in how she conducted herself and the plans she made to expose Haman’s true motives and evil heart. She didn’t have to speak many words to expose Haman except for a few sentences revealing his plans. As believers, we are expected to operate with wisdom in all our dealings. Wisdom is the principal thing that is needed to succeed in our daily Christian living.


Though Esther was first fearful of what might happened to her if she appeared before the king without being summoned but after Mordecai’s words to, Esther built a strong faith in God by fasting and praying knowing that he will teach her what to do and also saved the situation that was why she sent a message back to Mordecai that he should gather all the Jews for prayers. Her strong faith in God opened ways for her which made the king to lift his golden sceptre for Esther to touch and from there, she received favour and the king attended to all her issues. She was able to do things that others had not because she honored God, her people and King Ahasuerus. As believers, no matter the situation or challenges we might encounter on the way or in our lives, we should not allow our faith to go down. We should trust in God to bring us victory in all things. 

5. ESTHER UNDERSTOOD UNTY: Matthew 18:18-20

Esther and Mordecai had unity in following the doctrines of God. Both trusted their God as evidenced by the praying and fasting that preceded the actions taken. We believed unity if purpose will achieve greater results and this worked for them in the long-run. We are expected as believers to live in unity through Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit.


All these 5 characteristics of Esther in the bible are given so we can endeavor to search our life as Christians to know if we really have them and if we are using them effectively. To excel like Esther in a foreign country, you have to totally abide in the guidance of God. Submit your ways and will to God and he will bring you to your desired haven.

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