7 Signs You Have A Divine Calling

7 Signs You Have A Divine Calling

7 Signs You Have A Divine Calling


A divine calling is having an assignment from God to fulfill here on earth, for God’s purpose, to bring glory to His name. A calling is divine when it is from God. A divine calling is totally orchestrated by God to use you as a vessel to carry out a particular role or job here, for His own purpose. That calling could be singing, preaching, drawing/painting, speaking, teaching, sports, counselling, evangelism, intercession, acting, writing etc. A divine calling could be anything at all as long as it serves God’s purpose and glory.

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Some people think that for a calling to be considered a divine calling means it must be spiritual like becoming a Pastor, an Intercessor or an Evangelist. No! A divine calling could be as natural as possible. The purpose of a divine calling is to make the world a better place when we all collectively engage the use of our calling. A calling is said to be divine because it is from God. God is the giver of all calling. Whether we end up using it to harm others or doing good to them, depends on us but first it must have first been given by God to be confirmed through different means such as revelation, gifts, voice of men and so one. Every man has a calling but not every man knows their calling.

Now, how do we know if we have a divine calling? How do you know if God has called you to fulfill a particular purpose for Him? How do you know it is God who has called you and not you yourself?

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1) Revelation:

If you see yourself doing a particular thing in the dream or vision like singing, helping others with a particular thing, acting or preaching, that could be a sign that you have a divine calling in any of those gifts. Sometimes, some people even get the calling in their dreams. Like an angel appearing to them in the dream to tell them to instruct them on what they will be doing. It could be a man too appearing to tell you about something God wants you to be doing. So, a divine calling can be through through revelation such as dreams and visions.

2) Gifts and Talents:

You may find out that you are just extraordinarily gifted or talented in a particular thing that people often wonder at how you do it. You may be gifted with an angelic voice to sing, you may be talented with solving complex problems, with encouraging others, with counselling and so on. Gifts and talents are pointers to a divine calling of God upon our lives. Using these gifts and talents becomes a blessing to others and our world at large. For instance, scientists like Albert Einstein was gifted in science and his scientific solutions are part of the breakthroughs man enjoys today. Going through history, we have great men and women in different fields of life whose contributions to the world by use of their talent is the reason for the all the amazing inventions for man’s comfort, today. In essence, a divine calling mustn’t be spiritual. It must not be preaching or becoming a Pastor. The endpoint of a divine calling is to offer solution. So whether spiritual or physical, once your gifts and talents bring out solutions to the lives of people, it is regarded as a divine calling.

3) Deep Impressions upon your heart:

If for some reasons, you keep having a deep impression laid upon your heart about something you should be doing to help bring about a change in the lives of others, that is another way to know you have a divine calling. You may try to discard that impression upon your heart but the more you try to do that, the more it keeps coming back. For instance, you have a deep impression upon your heart that you will be a preacher. You may even see yourself in your mind’s eye preaching to thousands of people. You may try to silence those impressions but they keep coming. That deep knowing, that deep impression is a pointer to what God is calling you to do for Him.

4) The voice of men:

Sometimes, people in our lives see certain good things about us that even we may not see about ourselves. These people may see something we should be doing in line with a calling upon our lives. If you find out that people keep telling you about something you are good at, something you should be doing, something they feel blessed for when you do it, then that may be a divine calling. It could be that anyone you counsel just ends up feeling better when leaving. It could also be that when you join hands to pray for others, they see results. It could be that when you speak, your voice just brings hope to others. When people keep telling you the wondrous impact of some things you do in their lives, it is a pointer that you may have a divine calling in doing that particular thing.

5) Through a direct voice from God:

You may hear a voice tell you “this is the way to God”. Some people are lucky enough to hear God speak to them, like Abraham, Moses, Paul and Co. God speaks and He speaks about anything. You may just hear that voice say to you that ” this and this is what I want you to do for me”. Going through the people we have examples of different people that God called like Samuel. God called Samuel three times to tell him what He shall be doing. He heard God and he obeyed the call. The same still goes for many people out there today. God may speak to you in a loud voice about what He wants you to do for Him here on earth. Be sure that you hear from God.

6) Always playing a particular role:

Do people often give you a particular role to play? Even when you don’t know how to do it very well, do they insist that you take up that role? If you discover that people in different places often given you a particular role to play, that may be a define calling. This may mean that you have a calling in that direction that still requires that you work on becoming very good at it.

For instance, if you find out that people always invite you to act even though you don’t know how to act, it may be a pointer to you becoming an actor. Although you may not even consider yourself a good actor, but the more you are invited, the more your interest in it may begin to grow thereby requiring that you learn to become better at it.

7) What you love and are passionate about :

Do you love doing a particular thing? Do you find yourself doing this thing without stress? Do you enjoy doing it without getting tired? Do you have a strong passion for a particular thing? Are you always willing to go all out and give your best to doing something? This could be a sign of what God wants you to be doing as a calling.

Some people enjoy teaching, some enjoy interceding for others, some enjoy helping others, some enjoy acting, some enjoy singing. What you love doing without stress and without getting tired is a pointer to a divine calling of God upon your life.

When you discover that you have a burning passion and love for a particular craft, gift, talent, role and do, then you may want to pay attention to that thing as a calling of God upon your life.

Conclusion :
God speaks and He speaks to us through different means. In communicating our diving calling to us , He could use different means to do that just as we have seen above.

Do not forget that a calling doesn’t have to be spiritual like being a prayer warrior or being an Evangelist. It could be natural/physical, like teaching or acting but we must understand that a divine calling is to eventually better the lives of those around us. A divine calling seeks to make the world a better place. The use of your calling and my calling will contribute to making humanity prosperous in every area.

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