Examples Of People That Obtain God’s Mercy In The Bible

Examples Of People That Obtain God's Mercy In The Bible


INTRODUCTION:  Mercy is compassion or mercy shown towards someone undeserving. There was a mother, she has two children at the same time the two of them did wrong and offended the mother but the mother punished one and left the other, this is a short demonstration of mercy. We can see that even though the two deserved to be punished for their shortcomings, the mother chose to forgive one and punish the other. In the context of our topic we want to show examples of people that obtains God’s mercy in the bible.


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2 Kings 4:1-7 tells us the story of the widow that lost her husband and she was faced with the debts she couldn’t pay nor meet up with, while debt collectors are already on their way to take her sons and make them slaves to serve as pay back for the money the late husband was owing them. She must really be depressed, devastated and frustrated, but God had mercy on her and brought Elisha her way, thank God she recognized Elisha as a God’s sent to help her. So she went to Elisha and sought for help, Elisha asked her if she had anything in the house and she replied’ Nothing except for a flask of oil” Elisha told her to borrow empty jars as she can find from friends and neighbors, then she should go inside the house shut the door behind her and pour olive oil from the flask into the jars setting each one aside when it is filled. She did as she was instructed by the prophet of God and the man of God told her to sell the jars of oil as soon she is through pouring it from the flask to the jars and go ahead to pay her creditors. This is a great example of mercy because at that state she had no help, nobody was ready to help her condition nor help her pay her debts, but thank God for His mercies, He sees the tears we cry out and the ones we don’t even speak to anyone.


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Daniel 6:1-25  Daniel’s story happened as a result of hatred for one another they can be classified as his rivals and haters, they manipulated their words to king Darius to issue a command that no one must pray to God or any god but to Darius for thirty days, this was majorly to stop Daniel from praying to God because they knew Daniel was a man of prayer and because Daniel had more exceptional qualities also more knowledgeable than the king’s administrators, anyone who disobeys this commands must be thrown into the lion’s den. Even though the King was not happy about the decree because of Daniel, So Daniel went ahead and kept praying to God but his haters saw him while praying and reported him to the King yet, the King was still not happy because Daniel was caught disobeying the King’s decree and Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, king couldn’t eat and couldn’t sleep till the next day he rushed to where Daniel was and shouted his name out to see if Daniel was still alive, and Daniel replied the King and told him the Lord has shut the mouth of the lions and they couldn’t hurt him. The king was very happy and asked that Daniel’s haters be thrown into the lion’s den and the lions tore Daniel’s haters into pieces. This Daniel’s story was a significant and great demonstration of God’s mercy. At first they hated Daniel for having exceptional qualities and couldn’t find any blame to put on him so as to wreck him even though they lure the King against his wills, God still showed up on Daniel’s case and had mercy on Daniel.



Esther 1:1-2:18   God’s mercy located Esther when the King Ahasuerus was looking for a wife, at that time the King divorced his first wife named Vashti because she was not ready to obey the King. Esther who was an orphan who was raised by her cousin Mordecai would have taught who could have noticed her while joining the contest to parade before the King, but mercy found Esther in the midst of hundreds of contestants she found favor with the people of Harem and the King loved her too and she was won the contest and became the new queen in the land of Harem. God used Mordecai to tell Esther to warn the King that there was a plot to kill the King because of this Esther gained more love and respect from the King. So one day, Haman was passing in the street and Mordecai refused to bow for him because of Haman’s evil acts thereby making Haman to hate Mordecai the more and he planned and plotted a plan to execute all the Jews in Persian Empire. Haman told the king about wiping the Jews out and the King agreed to the decree not knowing his queen Esther his wife was also a Jewish, when Esther heard this decree she went into three days fasting and prayers and also told her people the Jews including her cousin Mordecai to pray and fast along with her. God was with Esther and He showed her mercy by making her able to go to the King even at not the right time to speak with the King. The King saw she was down in spirit and sad faced, the King told her to ask anything and he will do it for her, So Esther asked for a banquet for her and Haman and on that banquet day she will ask what she wanted. Meanwhile Haman was already happy because Mordecai and all the Jews were going to be executed but God showed Esther and her people mercy, the King remembered how Mordecai has saved his life earlier on by exposing his killers and the king commanded that Mordecai be brought to the palace and honored in place of been killed and also that Haman should parade Mordecai throughout the street announcing that Mordecai has been honored by the King. So Esther requested of the King that Haman should be punished for trying to kill her and her people, meanwhile Haman was hanged to death on the same gallows he had built for Mordecai to be hanged.  This was also a great significant example of God’s mercy. 

God is merciful in nature, He sends help to us when we don’t deserve or deserve it as long as we are His, and He said He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy on. He said in Deuteronomy 7:9 “Therefore know that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments. When mercy speaks all protocols will be broken.


Luke 17:11-19. On Jesus’s way to Jerusalem he met ten lepers on the way, these ten lepers literally cried out for mercy’ they knew Jesus had the power to heal them and they were so tired of their conditions. Leprosy is a chronic diseases that no one will like to associate with them because the diseases affects the skin majorly causing defects in skin, the ten lepers knew they needed to be healed and cleansed from this chronic diseases so when they had that Jesus was passing by they quickly ran towards him and cried out for mercy at distance. Jesus had mercy on them and told them to go show themselves to the priest on their way going one after the other they all got their healing even though it was only one that went back to tell Jesus that he was healed and Jesus made him whole, yet Mercy still answered for the ten of them and they were healed. O give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever.  


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