Lessons Of The Israelites Crossing Of The Red Sea

Lessons Of The Israelites Crossing Of The Red Sea

Lessons Of The Israelites Crossing Of The Red Sea

KEY SCRIPTURES: Exodus 14:13-14

Exodus 14:13 “And Moses said unto the people, fear all of you not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will show to you today: for the Egyptians whom all of you have seen today, all of you shall see them again no more forever.”

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The children of Israelites crossing the red sea on foot is one of the remarkable and memorable events in the Bible. The Israelites have been slave to the Egyptians for some long and they were already overwhelmed with the daily task and laws issued on them including the killings of their son child. God finally heard their groanings and sent for Moses who had escaped from the land initially. Even though Moses didn’t want to come back to Egypt, he eventually did. King Pharaoh has been adamant in letting the children of Israelites leave the country of Egypt at Moses’ request but after experiencing terrible nine plagues and the last plague which was the killing of all the firstborns of both human and animals in the land of Egypt, he unwillingly let them go.

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While the Israelites were on their way out of Egypt, King Pharaoh realized the mistake he made in letting the Israelites leave the country and summoned his armies including himself and pursued after the children of Israelites. When the Israelites saw them, they were afraid and looking ahead of them, they realized that they were facing the red sea and there was no way of escaping the armies of the Egyptians. They cried to Moses because all hopes were gone at this moment and Moses in turn cried to God for help. God came through for them after giving instructions to Moses on what to do which involves parting the red sea so that they can walk on dry ground. God allowed them to pass through without the armies of Egypt coming close to them and until after they had passed through did the armies of Egypt decided to follow them by walking on the miraculous dry ground but met their end after the red sea for restored back to its original state. Pharaoh and his armies perished at the red sea forever. There are lessons to learn from the Israelites crossing of the red sea and in this article, some of them will be considered.


All the events that happened before the crossing of the red sea was God proving to the Egyptians that He is the only true God. He wants them to know that no matter what when He calls or what to deliver, He is capable of using anything to make His plans and will come true. Since the Egyptians suffered nine plagues, they are still in doubt of God and God came in big for them to know that nothing is impossible with Him. As believers, we shouldn’t be afraid of people but commit them to God’s hand that God should prove Himself as the only true God in their lives. Pray for the manifesting of the plans and will of God always in any given situation.

2. TO PROVE GOD HAS GIVEN US POWER: Exodus 14:15-16; Luke 10:19

When God called Moses, He gave him a rod and it was that same rod that Moses used to cause the nine plagues in the land of Egypt. When they were between the red sea and the armies of Pharaoh, God expected Moses to use the power given to him by God but instead he was also crying to God. God had to ask him why he was crying to Him when he already had what it takes to succeed. After Moses realized himself and used the power given to him, the results were everlasting. As Christians, God has given us the power to achieve success in every area of life. We just must know the way to activate the power given to us and use it for everlasting results. The Bible promises certain benefits if we do certain things as believers such as being blessed by tithing. So, if you ever find yourself like Moses at the red sea crying out to God for something, ask yourself: do I already have the power to do it? Once you have your answers, you will succeed beyond measure.


When the Israelites were in dilemma and confused on how to cross the red sea and escape the armies of Pharaoh, they cried out to God in fear forgetting all the miracles God did for them in the land of Egypt. Instead of trusting God and praying to Him, they forget the mightiness of God but God still one more time proves to them that He is a mighty God, and he is a great deliverer too. The Israelites continue to forget where they came from and lose faith repeatedly. As Christians, when we find ourselves losing faith due to one situation or circumstances beyond our control, we should always remember the mightiness of God and call upon Him to help and He will surely come through for you. The same God that came through when there appeared to be no way, is the same God that can do it again.

4. LEARN TO GUARD YOUR HEART: Proverbs 4:23; James 1:13-14

God hardened the heart of Pharaoh because naturally He was a stubborn person. Pharaoh failed to guard his heart, it ultimately led to the death of him and his army. Pharaoh’s stubbornness played out throughout the plagues Egypt experienced all the way to his death at the crossing of the red sea. He was told to let the Israelites go repeatedly but would not. Even after the death of the firstborn of the Egyptians, when everyone thought He already had a change of mind, but his stubborn heart came out again and eventually killed him and his armies. As believers, we should learn to guard our heart very carefully so that it won’t ruin us in the long run. Not all thoughts from the heart should be encouraged, we should learn to sieve our thoughts and follow through on the right ones to do.


The story of the Israelites crossing the red sea is a memorable and unforgettable story of the bible. God showed Himself mighty in the lives of the Israelites and made them escape the plans of the wicked ones. They saw their enemies perished before their eyes. As Christians, when you are in a difficult situation like the Israelites were, remember that you overcame difficulty before, and guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.

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