Prayer For Protection By The Blood Of Jesus.

Prayer For Protection By The Blood Of Jesus.


Revelation 12:11

“And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death”.

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Protection comes from God, the one who made heaven and earth. He is powerful to keep us and our families. It is very important we call on God and ask for His protection. When we are protected by God, we are kept and preserved. We enjoy safety from God. And we become untouchable for the devil and his cohort. Protection by the blood of Jesus is divine, and that is intentionally because of the blood of Jesus that is attached to the protection. 

 Having said that, the blood of Jesus  Is a no go area for the devil. It speaks life for the Saints, it’s a foundation that every believer can stand on to rebuke the devil. 

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 When the protection of the blood of Jesus is upon you, thousand will fall by your side and ten thousand by your right side. The devil fears and trembles. The blood of Jesus is powerful enough to protect us. Remember it is the blood of Jesus that bought us. Jesus Christ used his blood to purchase us and pay for our redemption.

Many people today are still shedding the blood of animals in ignorance. That animal blood is only sacrificed to the devil. But believers should trust and believe in the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shed on the cross of Calvary. The blood of Jesus is very potent and enough to protect us. . Many people run from one place to the other to seek protection. The blood of Jesus is a strong tower that the righteous run into and save.  Take note of the word “righteous”. However the blood of Jesus will continue to be powerful but it will not be potent for a man living in SIN. 

Check your life, if you are in sin, there’s no way the blood of Jesus will work for you and protect you.  The goal is to pray for protection by the blood of Jesus. Note that if we are not protected by the blood of Jesus we can’t accomplish anything by our own power. Whatever protection we need we can only get it by the blood of Jesus. 

The blood of Jesus has been a very great weapon for every believer. If the blood of Jesus would work for you, you must have a knowledge of what it does, believe in its work and make confession of your belief in it.  The blood of Jesus is there for deliverance and protection.

What The Blood Of Jesus Does.

  1. The blood of Jesus destroys the works of devil 

It is only by the blood of Jesus can we become the devil. It is by what we experience that begins to reflect in our lives and produces testimonies. We can only share when we experience.

  1. The blood of Jesus delivers from death (Hebrews 2:14-15)

The blood of Jesus can deliver a person from death.  Some people have been assigned for premature death by the devil. But the blood of Jesus delivers and makes us live long. 

3.The blood of Jesus gives boldness (Hebrews 10:19)

For you to be bold as a lion you need the blood of Jesus.  There are some things you can get if you don’t have the precious blood of Jesus. You become a play toy when you don’t have that recognized blood of Jesus. 

  1. The blood of Jesus gives us protection. All round protection. To enjoy God’s given goodness given to us.  If you are not protected by the blood of Jesus you are limiting yourself. You created fear for yourself and then made yourself prone to the attacks of the devil. Engage the blood of Jesus today and be sure you are under his banner.


Areas We Need Protection

We need protection at every point in our lives… .

  1. Protection against evil works of Satan. 
  2. Protection against your enemies 
  3. Protection on your works
  4. Protection for yourself and family 
  5. Protection for guidance and leading. 

All these areas to mention a few are areas we need protection for. 

Prayer For Protection By The Blood Of Jesus.

  1. Lord I pray that by your blood protect me from every principalities and powers working against my life in the name of Jesus. 
  2. Father, I ask that by your mercy you guide and protect me and my family from evil in the name of Jesus. 
  3. Father, I ask that by your mercy whatever sin in my life that is taking away your protection from my life. Please forgive me in the name of Jesus. 
  4. My Lord and father, let your mighty hand of protection rest upon me and my house holds in the name of Jesus 
  5. Lord Jesus, it is you I run to for protection, deliver me from every evil. 
  6. Father, I ask that by your blood that speaks better of than the blood of Abel, protect me from every principalities and forces of the darkness in Jesus name. 
  7. By you blood oh Lord, defend me and fight my battles.
  8. By the blood of Jesus, deliver me from every evil programmed against my life and protect me .
  9. Lord Jesus as I go out today, go before me and clear every evil by your blood.
  10. Father, by your blood protect us from every evil  fashioned against me in the name of Jesus.
  11. By your blood, protect everything that pattern to me and my family. 
  12. I plead the blood of Jesus upon my work and business in the name of Jesus.
  13. Jesus, help me abide under the shadow of your protection.
  14. Father, arise and scatter evil agenda against my  life today
  15. Father, let me always find in you a mighty rock that I can run into for protection in Jesus name.
  16. Lord, let the mark of the blood of Jesus be upon me. 
  17. Lord Jesus protect myself and family from every evil hovering around in the name of Jesus 
  18. Father built a shelter of protection for me and my home. 
  19. Jesus my redeemer, by your blood we pray you rescue and protect us from all kinds evil.
  20. Father, the  enemies are planning, my protector don’t leave me to them. 
  21. Heavenly Father as we call upon you, answer us from heaven and protect us by the blood of Jesus 
  22. Father, guide me and keep me from walking into evil. 
  23. As I step out of the house to go to work, Holy Spirit protect From every work accident in the name of Jesus 
  24. Fire of the Holy Ghost burns every monitoring spirit, monitoring my blessings and breakthrough .
  25. Lord Jesus please protect me by your blood from my foes in the name of Jesus 
  26. Oh Lord many are my foes, protect me mightily from them all.
  27. Oh lord many rise up against me, deliver and protect me from them all. 
  28. Lord, my life is in your hands, be my refuge and fortress in the name of Jesus 
  29. Lord, I commit my life, family, work and all that patterns to me in your hand. Protect us in your letters. 
  30. Father, all my desires, as I work towards it please Jesus guide and protect us. 
  31. Heavenly Father, I commit my life in your hands, please satisfy us with a long and healthy life. 

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