Prayer Points Against Evil House

Prayer Points Against Evil House

Prayer Points Against Evil House

Matthew 4:16— The people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.

The above Bible verse show that the place we live may be a place of darkness and it’s possible for people to be living inside darkness. An evil house is darkness. But the greatest point is that the power of Jesus shall prevail even in darkness.   

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If you want to rent a home, an office, or a shop, consult God first before you make payment and move in. You don’t want to be a victim of an evil house.  Don’t be deceived by the beauty of a building and its neatness. Don’t also be enticed by how cheap the rent is. The building might be an evil house. 

Here in Nigeria and generally in Africa, many people will do anything terrible to make money. One of the terrible things they do is money rituals.

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They kill humans and use the victim’s blood or body parts for rituals that will invoke the satanic spirit of wealth. That way, they become wealthy. But this evil act isn’t without negative and seriously dangerous consequences. 

One of the negative consequences is that the evil of what they did to make money will hunt their landed properties and family. If a man who became wealthy through satanic rituals builds houses, the satanic rituals he did may begin to hunt the houses he built and everyone living in the houses. People living in such houses may hear frequent, strange voices or noises at night; they may be tormented with unending nightmares; they may lose everything good they brought into those houses; and they may begin to lose their loved ones in quick succession. These are just some of the few terrible things that will happen when one lives in such a house. This kind of house is called an evil house— and this is just one of the examples of an evil house. 

Another example is when the owner of a house intentionally makes demonic rituals and buries it around the 4 walls of the house or in a secret place in the whole building. The work of the rituals is to steal the glory and blessings of anyone who lives in the house. If you live in this kind of evil house, you may begin to experience a series of unusual bad lucks, disappointments, failures, etc. You may lose your job and find it impossible to get another job, no matter how hard you try. You may be struck by a strange sickness that will suck away all your savings. 

There are so many negative results of living in an evil house. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

  1. Repeated failure: people living in an evil house may suffer huge, inexplicable failure repeatedly. The failure will be so much that it might become almost impossible for them to recover from the disaster.
  2. Chronic Poverty and Lack: when you move into an evil house, you may notice that your business, job, or career begins to nose dive and collapse beyond easy recovery. Within a short period of time, you will become completely broke and beggarly. You won’t be able to explain how it happened. The greatest problem is that when an evil house strikes you with poverty, you become so broke that you will never have enough money to rent another house and move out of the evil house. So you continue to wallow in poverty in the evil house. 
  3. Frequent inexplicable sickness: another sign of an evil house is frequent sickness that you can’t explain. When you fall sick and recover, your wife or husband, too, picks up the strange sickness. As soon as your wife or husband recovers, the children begin to fall sick one after the other. If serious spiritual battles aren’t fought to rebuke such sickness, the sickness will continue as the usual pattern throughout your stay in the house. 
  4. Backwardness or stagnancy: when you live in an evil house, you may discover (if you make a careful comparison) that your life before you moved into the evil house is far better than your life when you moved into the evil house. 
  5. Consistent disappointment
  6. Repeated loss: one of the consequences of living in an evil house is repeated loss. You lose your car, you lose your job, lose your properties, etc. You will discover that hardly will a year pass by without you and your family recording a loss. You just lose throughout the year. 
  7. Bad luck: when you live in an evil house, the darkness in the house may overpower you to the point where you never experience any good luck. People will promise to help you and they will suddenly ghost you. All proposals you submitted may be rejected. Your children may begin to fail repeatedly in school. 
  8. Strong Poverty and Lack
  9. Sudden death
  10. Repeated accident
  11. Frequent blood-related sickness: one of the many signs of living in an evil house is that you and your family may keep having sicknesses that have to do with blood transfusion, blood purification, blood-loss, etc. 
  12. Closed Heavens: prayers you pray under the roof of an evil house may not get to the heavens because the blood of the innocent people or person that the owner of the house used for money rituals, will keep crying to God for revenge and judgment upon the owner. You can’t get any answers to the prayers you pray in an evil house. 

If you observed that you live in an evil house, the first solution is to move out of the house as quickly as possible.


Prayer Points Against Evil House

  1. In the name of Jesus, I deliver my destiny from the jaws of all the demonic agents working in this house. 
  2. Consuming fire of God, consume every satanic power consuming my finances, health, progress, blessings, in this house. 
  3. In the name of Jesus, I decree and declare that the land and walls of this house receive Holy Ghost fire. Shout “Holy Ghost fire 21 times”
  4. In the powerful and mighty name of Jesus, I declare victory over every blood-sucking spirit causing blood-related sickness in this house through their activities.
  5. In the name of Jesus, I bind all the demons assigned to trouble destiny and blessings in this house. 
  6. I break and cancel all the demonic influence in this house. 
  7. I destroy every demonic ritual that was made when the foundation of this house was laid. 
  8. All the doors of blessings and breakthrough shut against me through the power of the ritual demons operating in this house, I command you to open in Jesus name.  
  9. O God let my prayers in this house provoke your warfare angels to come down and slay all the demons, principalities, and powers destroying people’s life in this house. 
  10. In the name of Jesus, I open every good road closed against me by the satanic spirit that closes roads of   blessings against the tenants of this house. 
  11. I reject every evil spiritual load that the powers operating in this house have placed on my head and destiny. 
  12. Let all the bondage I’m trapped in ever since I started living in this house, be broken to pieces and burned to ashes, in the name of Jesus. 
  13. I vomit every evil food and drink that the evil powers controlling this house has have fed me through my dreams. 
  14. As from today, I begin to make progress, I begin to locate favor, I begin to go higher, in the name of Jesus. 
  15. In the name of Jesus, my finances and blessings are restored. 
  16. I command all demonic blockages to my upliftment to be cleared in the name of Jesus. 
  17. In the name of Jesus, I neutralize the evil works of occult landlords/landlady. 
  18. I take control over the powers drawing people back in this house. No satanic power can draw me back. 
  19. I refuse to labor in vain in Jesus name. 
  20. Every agent of death assigned against me by the evil powers in this house, die in the name of Jesus. 
  21. In the name of Jesus, I send back every satanic arrow fired into my life by the evil powers in the foundation of this house. 
  22. I take the weapon of the Holy Ghost and smash all hidden idols and satanic altars in this house. 
  23. In the name of Jesus, I destroy every evil that has been programmed into my life by the powers in control of this house. 
  24. Evil landlord/landlady diverting the blessings of tenants in their buildings, die today in the name of Jesus. 
  25. Occult landlords/landlady monitoring their tenants through occultist mirrors go blind now in the name of Jesus. I destroy your mirror in the name of Jesus. 
  26. In the name of Jesus, I block every missile of bad luck following me around. 
  27. In the name of Jesus, I appease the angry spirit of anyone whose blood was used to make the money that was used to build this house. In the name of Jesus, I pray that your soul find rest. 
  28. In the name of Jesus, I silence every voice of vengeance crying every night in this house. 
  29. Shout “fire of God” three times and say: “uproot and destroy every evil enchantment buried anywhere in this house”
  30. You foul spirit from this house, following me to places where I was expected to be blessed, fall now and die in the name of Jesus. 
  31. In the name of Jesus, my blood is too hot to be used to renew the money ritual of my landlady/landlord. 
  32. In the name of Jesus, my blood is too hot to be used to appease the demon that controls this house. 
  33. In the name of Jesus, I uproot every juju buried in my rooms before I moved into this house. 
  34. God of Elijah, arise, let your fire consume every satanic association in this street. 
  35. In the name of Jesus, it shall not be impossible for me to move out of this house. I receive the grace and mercy to move out of this house quickly. In the name of Jesus, I receive everything I need to move out of this house.

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