Prayers Against Lustful Spirit.

Prayers Against Lustful Spirit.

Prayers Against Lustful Spirit.

Mathew 5:28

But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

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1 John 2:16

For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.


In our topic today, we will be looking at some prayers against lustful spirit. Lust is a very strong sexual desire or a very strong desire to have something like money or power in a wrong way. One can also be said to have a lustful spirit when one is possessed with greed or desire that is channeled in a wrong way.

Lust is of the devil, just as we read in 1 John 2:16 from our anchor text. The devil introduced lust to mankind to deviate their body soul and spirit from God so as to make them perish. Lust does not have any good outcome; it destroys one’s vision and also cut short one’s life. Just like the story of Samson in the bible. The philistines had tried several schemes to capture Samson but they had to come up with the plan of making him lust after a woman. The devil does not want anyone to be a success in life and even after life, he introduced lust to the world in the garden of Eden when Eve lust after the forbidden fruit.  The temptation to lust can come in many forms, such as lust to a sexual desire, money, power, or lust after anything in a wrong way. Lust leads to sin while sin leads to hell.

Therefore, we must rely on the power of the Holy spirit to help us overcome every form of lust. Here are some steps to take to overcome Lustful spirit:

  1. Surrender your totality to God: We cannot overcome lustful spirit without surrendering our totality to God. God is the author and finisher of our faith, we must therefore give Him all of us, so that He can direct our paths through life.
  2.  Flee from any appearance of lusts: You don’t watch what you don’t want. You must run from every appearance of lust.  You don’t allow lust taught to stay in your heart or when you see it, you must run. The bible admonishes us to keep away from lust and to shut the door against it, Proverb 5:8 says Keep to a path far from her, do not go near the door of her house.
  3. Always renew your taught:  Do away with every fleshy thought, everything that is not glorifying God in your taught mind, put it away. Romans 12:2 says Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. We must renew our mind daily with the words of God that is when we can conquer every lustful spirit.
  4. Lastly, we can overcome lust by praying:  Prayer is the key to overcoming all troubles and trials of life. The bible implores us to pray without ceasing. We need to continually pray to God to help us overcome every temptation that may come our way, because there is no way we will not be faced with one temptation or the other but we must always put on the armor of prayers so as to have victory over every device of the enemies.

                     Prayers Against Lustful Spirit.

  1. Every spirit of flesh in me die by fire in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every lustful spirit fashioned targeting my eyes scatter in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every lustful act, planning to draw me to the pit of hell be consumed by the fir of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.
  4. I silence every evil voice speaking against my walk with God in the name of Jesus.
  5. Holy spirit of the living God, overshadow my life with your power in the name of Jesus.
  6. Oh God my father, shield me from every lustful spirit that has vowed to destroy my life in the name of Jesus.
  7. I unseat every lustful spirit that wants to attack my emotions negatively in the name of Jesus.
  8. I will not be a candidate of hell fire in the name of Jesus.
  9. I conquer every lustful spirit in my finances in the name of Jesus.
  10. My taught is renewed in your words daily in the name of Jesus.
  11. I receive grace to flee from any appearances of lust in the name of Jesus.
  12. Holy spirit of God, direct my steps in all that I do in the name of Jesus.
  13. I will not make any mistake that will take me away completely from your presence in the name of Jesus.
  14. Oh God I receive grace to do Your will all the days of my life in the name of Jesus.
  15. I break free from every environmental lustful spirit in the name of Jesus.
  16. I fire back, every arrow of lust fired into my career in the name of Jesus.
  17. Every stronghold of sexual lust fired into my life, back fire in the name of Jesus.
  18. I escape every trap of the enemy targeted against me to bring me down in the name of Jesus.
  19. I break free from every curse of adultery or fornication fired against my life in the name of Jesus.
  20. Oh God my father, redeem my heart from every foundational lust fired into my life in the name of Jesus.
  21. I declare my victory over every form of lustful spirit in the name of Jesus.
  22. Every lustful spirit that crept into my life as a result of parental flow, dry up by fire in the name of Jesus.
  23. Every evil imaginations of the enemy over my life die in the name of Jesus.
  24. I overcome every impure thought of the flesh from my life in the name of Jesus.
  25. I shall not fail God in the journey of my life in the name of Jesus.
  26. I refuse to be a victim to spiritual lust in the name of Jesus.
  27. My spiritual life is strengthened by the fire of God in the name of Jesus.
  28. Let the blood of Jesus purify my life completely in the name of Jesus.
  29. My life, reject every lustful bewitchment in the name of Jesus.
  30. Any arrangement from the kingdom of darkness firing an arrow of lust against me  scatter by fire in the name of Jesus.

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