Prayers Before Breaking Fast.

Prayers Before Breaking Fast.

Matthew 6:17 “But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face; That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly”.

Are you currently doing a fast? Do you intend to break your fast soon? Are you seeking for prayers to say before breaking your fast? Please read this article through to the end as we will be sharing with you prayers to say before breaking your fast

The period of fasting is a time of total surrender of one’s flesh to the rule of the spirit, fasting helps to keep you still and attentive to the will of God for your life, fasting reawakens your spirit man making it easier for you to do the will of God, Fasting also has numerous health benefits.

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Importantly, before breaking your fast, you need to pray, thanking God first for the grace and strength to fast, asking Him to forgive you of all your sins, reminding God of His promises on your life and placing your requests before God 

You should never do a fast without prayer, prayer is an essential part of fasting, this is why Christ mentioned them together when speaking to His disciples in Matthew 17:21. (1 Timothy 4:8)

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While fasting helps you to subdue your flesh so you can hear and know the will of God, prayer helps you to address the reason you fasted in the first place, hence to get results while fasting, you need to pray fervently

This is why we are sharing with you the following powerful prayers to say before breaking a fast, let’s proceed to the prayers:

Prayers Before Breaking Fast.

1. Oh Lord I appreciate you for your strength and grace upon my life

2. Lord I thank you for your prevailing mercies upon my life and my family

3. Thank you for been my fortress and hope, to you be all the glory Lord

4. Thank you for making everything in creation work in my favor this season, blessed be your holy name Lord

5. Thank you for providing for all my needs by your mercy

6. Thank you for all the good plans you have for me and my loved ones

7. Thank you Jesus for the strength to fast and pray

8. Thank you for your manifest presence in my life and my family

9. Thank you for the assurance of your peace in my life daily in Jesus name

10. Thank you for your divine protection and love for me and my family

11. Thank you for not allowing the powers of the enemy prevail over my life

12. Father I ask that you forgive me of all my sins and iniquities

13. Please forgive me in every way I have lived and gone against your will

14. Lord please show me mercy in all ways I have not followed your plan for my life

15. Please show me mercy for not aligning my way with your word

16. Lord I ask that you accept my fast this day by your mercy

17. Father as I have fasted, let doors of all round breakthrough be opened to me and my family

18. Let every closed financial door begin to open for me in this season, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

19. Let there be total restoration of all that I have lost in seasons past, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 

20. Lord let the lines begin to fall for me in pleasant places this season in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 

21. Father let all my unanswered prayers receive speedy answers now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 

22. Let every of my heart desires according to your will manifest speedily in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

23. I decree that no devil shall be able to stand against my prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

24. I come against every orchestration of darkness against my prayers this day in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

25. I decree that my blessings shall continue to  come to me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

26. Every good thing the enemy has stolen from my family in the past shall be restored speedily in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

27. I receive renewal of strength as I break this fast in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

28. I shall not be sick in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

29. I shall not lose any good thing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

30. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers 

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