The Reasons Why Jesus Cursed The Fig Tree

The Reasons Why Jesus Cursed The Fig Tree

The Reasons Why Jesus Cursed The Fig Tree

KEY SCRIPTURES: Matthew 21:17-22; Mark 11:12-24, John 15:2

John 15:2 “Every branch in me that bears not fruit he takes away: and every branch that bears fruit, he purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit.”

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The story of the fig tree was mentioned in the book of Matthew and Mark. This shows a fig tree that was full of expectation that it would contain fruits to satisfy the hungered Jesus but was met with disappointment when no fruits were on it. Though, it wasn’t its season to bear fruits because fruits of a fig tree generally appear before the leaves, but it should have remained in the right season and perspective so that much expectation won’t be placed on it. The fig tree looks deceptive and could be dangerous to people expecting fruits from it once to meet with disappointment. From another perspective, it is just like a believer that is serving God and Mammon which can lead more believers to damnation because he or she is not a true worshiper of God. 

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A hypocrite or deceiver shouldn’t have a place in God’s kingdom and the person is a bad vine which can spoil the whole bunch if not taken out of its deceptive position. Deception can take many forms, and oftentimes, they appear genuine at a distance but when looked at from a distance, one really gets to see they are fake. As genuine believers, we should be careful in all things and learn to discern with the help of the Holy Spirit, a true believer or a false one because association with a false person or deceptive person can make one go back to one’s vomit which can lead one to sinful habits which one has denounced initially. Initially, the cursing of the fig tree by Jesus is synonymous to Jesus cleansing the temple from worldly activities carried out then by the people. When you become born again, as a believer, you are expected to worship and serve God in spirit and in truth. One is expected to remain with the true vine which is Jesus Christ in order to bear good fruits. As Christians, we should guide against mixing with the wrong crowd in order not to be cursed or casted away by God. Jesus cursed the fig tree for a few reasons and some of the reasons will be mentioned in this article.

  1. FALSE APPEARANCE: 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

Jesus cursed the fig tree due to its false appearance, which was deceptive. It appeared to be fruitful from a distance because it contained leaves but after a closer look, it lacked fruit. From the scriptures, it was pretty cleared it wasn’t the season for fruits on the fig tree, so it wasn’t expected to contain leaves or appeared more advanced than other fig trees, but it decided to be pretentious to its determinants and that caused it to be cursed because Jesus was angered with its false appearance which is in essence a form of hypocrisy. As Believers, we are warned by Jesus not to be like the teachers of laws and the Pharisees who are mere men-pleasers, beautiful on the outside but their onside are full of dead and unclean things We are expected not to live a life full of lies because Satan is the father of all liars and there is a place in hell for all liars. When we claim to be saved, we should live up to the expectation of God for our lives and be a true ambassador of Christ anywhere we find ourselves as believers. 

2. TO MAKE US FRUITFUL: John 15:1-16

Jesus cursed the fig tree to pass a lesson to us his disciples and to caution us to be careful in all we do. We shouldn’t be called a Christian when we have no evidence of a relationship with Jesus Christ. We shouldn’t live a life showing the world that the fruits of the spirit abided in us while on a closer look, we are no different from the world in which the blood of Jesus saved us from. We are expected to be saved and will souls to God’s kingdom. We are saved to serve, and we can only do that when we abided fully in the True Vine and His word. We shouldn’t be like the fig tree that contains leaves which represents emptiness of the Holy Spirit. As Christians, even in our various ministries, we should live a fruitful and productive christian life and shun every hypocritical or pretentious life. God doesn’t accept excuses from his children.


Jesus cursed the fig tree to teach Christians to practice genuine salvation in secret and to the world. It shows that religious profession and observance are not enough to guarantee the salvation of a person, but genuine salvation should be known when one exhibits spiritual fruits. Genuine salvation is having strong faith in God and not just practicing religion. Salvation entails more than working rigorously for God but more of walking with God. Jesus needed his disciples to have strong faith in the word of God and he also needed to show them an example of what strong faith meant. After the fig tree withered, the disciples were amazed and Jesus used that moment to teach them to make a faith that has no doubt which tells us that to walk with God, we must exhibit strong faith in God and the word of God without any iota of doubt in us. As Christians, we must believe in order to receive.


Jesus cursed the fig tree for a good reason so we should do things with good reasons in mind. We shouldn’t do things to our own detriments. Remember, Jesus cursed the fig tree to teach as disciples the importance of true salvation, bearing abundant fruits and having strong faith in God. We should check our lives and evaluate the things we do if they are in line with what Jesus Christ teaches so that instead of eternal life, we won’t bring eternal damnation to ourselves. We should believe that when we pray, God is willing to answer our prayers when we doubt not.


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